Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

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Most people will give kisses and hugs at the stroke of midnight...not my girls though. They do a midnight dog pile! Because you know nothing shows a sibling how very much you love them better than piling on top of them and making sure you bounce around a lot if you happen to be at the top of the pile. It may look painful, but trust me...there was tons of laughter going on during this.

It was a perfect night here for the last hours of 2008. Lot's of snack type food, lots of sparkling cider, and lot of Mom with her camera seeing just how many times I could get Binky Sue to throw me a dirty look and ask "MOM!! Why do you keep taking picture of me?" Oh...because I can Binky Sue...because I can! Last night as midnight hit Binky Sue had a moment and a look on her face of being sad. It is 2009 and the months are ticking down till she turns 18 and graduation shortly after that. But today is just the first day of the new year and there will be time enough to think about what is coming.

I hope that everyone had great night last night, and that this first day of the new year is a good one.

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