Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photo editing and my evil genius hubby

My last couple of days have been lost in photo editing, printing, oh my goodness going buggy eyed looking at pictures. Tonight though my hubby is the best person on the planet as far as I'm concerned. The picture of the cake came out to yellow and with three different editing programs and trying to many things to list out, I just could not get the color corrected. As my frustration grew I finally looked at my evil genius hubby and asked him for any thoughts or should I just give up and move on to the next one. Well, not only did he have an answer for me with this one, thanks to his time spent doing lighting in the theater he had some answers for me on a couple of other ones. Oh the art of using filters and having someone who know just which ones to use to achieve the look you want!! I love this man of mine!! What a great evil genius he is!
I'm pretty proud of myself and the work I have gotten done with pictures here this week. Yesterday morning I sat myself down and finally got through the prom photo's and got Binky Sue and Soccer boy their picture requests printed, cut, and sorted for the two of them. I got through the 500 wedding pictures and have narrowed the number down to 200 which I will probably finish editing by tomorrow and get put onto a jump drive and over to the other photographer that I worked with to put them on a CD for the couple. Not to bad for turn around time on that one, take 700 pictures on Saturday and have 200 picked out and edited by Wednesday. By the way, I don't think I will be doing it that way again. Wait...knowing me I probably will do it that way again because once I start a project like that I'm focused on it till it is done. My next step for this week is to sit down and print photo's to mail to family that have asked for them. Just going to go though and pick from the many picture I have taken in the last couple of months and try not to overload with to many pictures. (Is there such a thing as to many pictures? Nah..I don't think so.) Then I have pictures to get through from the Bee family visiting. The project after that is the one that I'm really not looking forward to. I need to make myself sit and backup all of my photo's which will be a day of burning them to CDs. I hate when I get off track with the backup of the photo's because it usually means losing a couple of days to sitting here burning, but oh well I should know better by this point in time.

I'm going to close here on a funny note...an actual note found in the teachers lounge at the big girls school, and shared with student in Sweetpea's art class yesterday.

"To the IDIOT who borrowed my genetically altered eggs...You might want to go to the doctor before stuff starts falling off." Unknown Teacher

Sweetpea brought home a written down copy to share with us because she was sure that everyone would have a great laugh, which we did. So when taking something from the fridge that doesn't belong to you, and you work in a school, you really should think twice because those sneaky science teacher may have something in there that you really may regret taking. I hope that everyone had a great day, and that tomorrow is a wonderful Wednesday.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sibling Sunday

No none of the girls got married over the weekend, I went and did photographs for a wedding. My first time working a wedding, and I loved it! Todd got to play Mr. Mom for the day while I was gone, and from everything I've heard they all enjoyed their time. A trip to the library for research that Sweetpea needed. Little bug had to go with too because she just loves being anywhere there are tons of books. Binky Sue had a movie date last night, and then over to her dates house for after movie snacks that his Mom made for them. Binky Sue's boyfriends parents love her, they think she is just the sweetest thing.(Man they should see her in her natural habitat!) That is okay though because I just love their son to pieces. He is so very polite, and just oh so very sweet. After snacks at his house they were back here to sit and talk for a little bit.(Let's all say AWE!)
Today should have been a day filled with me cleaning, but has ended up with me doing a lot of sitting and trying to work on wedding pictures. As if I didn't have enough picture that I needed to work on, I know have a huge amount that I fear I may never get through. I need to finish with the prom pictures and get final prints done not only for myself but for Soccer Boy's Mom. Any family that reads the journal and would like picture too, just let me know and I will print and mail pictures. Which reminds me now that family is back home from their winter, I need to sit down and print pictures of other times to send. Great my list just got even bigger for picture things to do. That's it no more picture taking for me till I get caught up on some stuff with them. Yeah right! Like that is going to happen!

Anyway, back on track for the topic of the post. The siblings in this house are in their final count down to the end of school, and boy are all of the teachers doing a great job with projects that are due. Little bug had last Friday off and has tomorrow off for their snow day that they never used here. The big girls will be in school and getting probably more project lists for the final push to the end of the school year. The stress level isn't all that high yet, but it is starting to show ugly signs of coming soon. I always dread the end of the year finals for Binky Sue, because she stresses so very badly about them. Sweetpea seems to be viewing this second semester in a different way than she ever has, so I'm a little worried about her stress level. Little bug is just enjoying her days off from school and the fact that it is just her and Mom.

I think that is it for this weeks Sibling Sunday. I hope that everyone has enjoyed the weekend, and that this coming week is good for all.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Poor worn out puppies

Did you know that having smaller younger children in the house could wear you out so very much? Trinity and Mia didn't, but boy did they figure it out very quickly with the Bee family visiting. Before anyone should happen to ask...yes poor Trinity is wearing a muzzle. Trinity is a very good dog, but like any animal she has moments where putting things smaller than herself in her mouth seems like a really good idea to her. Since we don't have smaller children...like say little man baby bee...I made the choice to keep her in her muzzle when he was awake and moving around the house just to be safe. I really didn't want to see her pull a move like she does with the cats and Mia every now and then, and get it in her head that moving him by the neck was a good idea. That or think that he was some kind of new interesting chew toy to be played with. Mia found the baby to be way to scary with all of the noise that came from him, so she just stayed far away. Trinity on the other hand found him to be very interesting, and wanted to up close to inspect him at all points in time. When I was holding him was the worst for her though, because she seemed to think that he was hurting me or something and was very jealous about him getting to sit on my lap...because you know the only one that is supposed to do that is her of course. I was very proud of both of my puppies for dealing with the smaller bee children though. They did an awesome job of adjusting, and were both very kind and well behaved. I have never seen these two be so very tired and sleep so much as I did while the little kids were here. They even wore out Mia baby, and that is a huge thing to get done since she is only 10 months old. To make up for my fears and making Trinity wear the muzzle Trinity has come out of the whole visit more spoiled than before though, so no harm done to my Trinity dog.

It is Feline and Furball Friday time again! If you want to play along just post your own and leave a link in comments. I will once again come back later today to add the link over to Steve and Pickle. I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable week and that the weekend is filled with some great weather, and time spent with the animals and people that we love.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friends home safely and a picture or two

The Bee family is back home safely in Alaska tonight. There have been several text messages sent to let me know just how their journey was going and where they were. Mama Bee was happy because they got her airline ticket changed so that she could be on the same flight with rest of the family. It was so great to have them all here for a visit, to bad it just seemed to fly by so quickly.
I didn't get a whole lot of anything done today. I have to admit that the sudden quiet of the house was kind of unsettling to me today. I found myself wishing for the noise of kids and other adults. Which is just ironic since a couple of days ago I would have given just about everything I had for some quiet. I just wish the quiet would have come in smaller doses than all at once. I did spend a couple of hours going through pictures and doing some editing to portraits...oh and having a heck of a time with an editing program that just didn't want to work real well for me here.
I hope that everyone is having a great week. Tomorrow is Feline & Furball Friday so I will hopefully be back with pictures of animals.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shopping Therapy

After a very long day in Phoenix going from doctor to doctor, there was a little shopping therapy needing to be done for Mama B. The really cool thing was that she bought some stuff for us too!! I got one of the bigger cute pink purses, and Binky Sue got one of the smaller ones. They are just oh so very cute...we love them!!!

The Bee family is right now making their way back up to Phoenix to fly out early tomorrow morning. I have a ton of pictures to try and get through and see about posting later, but since it seems like I took at least 100 pictures for each day they were here, I'm not sure just when I will get through them all. Okay...so I didn't really shoot 100 per day, but it sure seems like it. Keep them in prayers and good thoughts for a safe trip back home to Alaska tomorrow. I'm missing them all very much here already tonight.

Tomorrow will be back to just me, the cats, and the dogs in the house. Todd signed in from leave today, and the girls still have school. This weekend for me is turning out to be yet another busy one since I'm getting to go and help shot pictures for a wedding Saturday.

I seem to be unable to stay on any kind of track here tonight so I think it is time to say...I hope that this week is going well for everyone, and I will post more pictures as I work my way through them here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let's go for a hike

Still have company here visiting, and yesterday was "Let's go for a hike" day. Which proved to be a little more than I think Mommy B was ready for. It was the altitude of our hike that was getting to her. We headed out to Garden Canyon area and headed up to the middle and upper area's of the mountain to do our hike. Mommy B did fine though, she just had to take it a little slower than most of us. The little B children had fun keeping up with me as I showed them the finer points of how to scare their Mommy B by jumping rocks in the creek, and climbing very steep lose rock and dirt hills. We were on a mission to find as many bugs and creepy crawling things as we could though. I was amazed that I could get the kids to sit and stand still as long as I did by just talking about what the dragon flies and butterflies were doing sitting on the rocks. Then it was back to jumping, climbing, slipping and catching our balance just millimeters from falling into the water. Yes and Mommy B thanked me for showing the kids just how to become a huge muddy wet mess, and how to take a brand new pair of shoes and make them look like they are 50 years old or better on the very first day that you wear them! To which my response is "Hey...at least they weren't trying to drag you along faster than what you could move at the time. I kept them so busy they forgot that you and Daddy B were there!"
Little baby B had the best time of all of the kids though I think. He got to ride in style and comfort, and have fun throwing the hated hat all over to keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes trying to keep track of it. The only reason he kept throwing it though is because it kept slipping down and blocking all vision for him, and when you are out and about in the world who really wants that?
I hope that the week is off to a great start for everyone, and try to get out and enjoy the day.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sibling Sunday with company

We are in third day of having company here in Arizona. Our Alaska friends have come down here to help thaw themselves out and have been enjoying get out of the house and into the very warm sunny of our area here. For anyone who has been reading my blog long enough will be very happy to see these pictures. Remember the little man that I spent a lot of time posting and asking for prayers for? Well...here he is just a couple of weeks shy of his first birthday. The last pictures that I posted of him was right before they flew out of Phoenix last June to finally take this little one home. I still swear this little guy has me wrapped around his little fingers. He is crawling everywhere, very animated, loves the book shelves, and doesn't care so much for the dogs. The very first night here though he settled right in with my Sweetpea and my taking pictures began. By the time they head out of here Wednesday, I'm thinking that I may actually break all time record highs for total amount of pictures taken in a weeks time.

Binky Sue, Sweetpea, and Little bug have school tomorrow and the stress of projects being due is really starting to show in this house. There are only so many weeks left though, which is a good thing and then on to summer vacation.

I hope that everyone has had a great weekend, and that tomorrow brings a good start to the new week.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prom 2008

Binky Sue is off at Prom right now...actually probably out at Denny's for after prom right at this moment in time. The dinner here at the house went very well, and since they seemed to be lost in long conversation with each other, I'm guessing the atmosphere was just right and stress free for both of them.

I will probably wait to post more till after I hear all about how it went tonight. I hope that everyone is having a great weekend.

Friday, April 18, 2008

You really don't have to hide

Poor Eclipse has found it necessary to either hide or keep her body protected with objects lager than herself for most of this past week. Her other four legged sister have been having on heck of week with each other, and poor Eclipse has taken it pretty hard. The night that Angel picked a fight with not just one of the dogs but both of them left Eclipse scrambling to find a safe route out of the area. Angels thoughts this week seem to be that she is one of the dogs, and can take them both on and win, and the only good thing is that Mom has stepped in and told both dogs to stop.
I'm sure Eclipse was smiling a good kitty smile yesterday though when she got to watch the other three have to get baths. I'm really sure that hearing her sister Angels howls of "I hate this and you Mom!" gave her great pleasure. Why am I so sure? Because after all of the animal baths were done, the only one strutting around the house was Eclipse. I think when she snuggled up with me for some Mom time she was telling me to do it again!!

It is time again for Feline & Furball Friday! Remember if you want to play along all you have to do is post your own and then leave a link in comments. I will once again come back later today to post the link over to Steve and Pickle. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Friday and that there is a great weekend ahead for all.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend That Was

You know you had a busy weekend, when it takes you till Wednesday to finally recover! It started Friday night with a late drive up to the Tucson airport to pick up my sister and her boyfriend. Then off and running early Saturday morning to Phoenix for the Nascar race. A sea of cars, people, and some pretty good hot temperatures. Did some tailgating, did a ton of walking, drank a couple gallons of water, climbed what felt like a million stairs. Watched the band Emerson Drive do a concert in the fairway, and saw hundreds of people laying out in the shade of the grand stands. It was an excellent weekend! Sweetpea made the trip with us, which was surprising to both Todd and I since she usually says that the races are just oh so boring to watch, but she totally loved being at the race this weekend. We had scanners to listen with and help protect hearing, and Sweetpea kept writing me notes asking me questions about things. There were a couple times she jumped up and leaned so far forward to see what was going on down on the track that I thought for sure she was going to go tumbling down the stands. She picked out a hat for a driver that she liked the most, ate the big pretzels, drank the huge lemonades, and smiled the entire time. I made it through the whole race this year which was just incredible to me. I was doing a happy dance all the way back out to the car that night because of not getting a headache. The only down side to staying the whole thing was having to try and make it home safely with all the other people who had spent most of their day drinking something other than water and lemonade. We made it though and finally rolled into the house at about 1:30 am. Tired, feeling like we were all covered with dirt, but safe and happy about what a great day it had been.

If you can believe it, we were up early Sunday morning to get Little bug back from the friends house she spent the night at. Off to the store to pick up some stuff that was needed for dinner. Then off to Tombstone so sister and boyfriend could see that before they headed back out early Monday morning. One more early morning drive to the airport to drop off this time, and I have been left feeling so tired, I think I am giving a new definition to the meaning of being tired. We have one more round of company coming to visit us this month though and I have to get moving to get the house ready. I'm not so sure if I even remember how to baby proof my house, but I'm going to be giving it my very best try. This weekend is going to prove to be a very busy one also since not only do we have the Bee family coming in from Alaska, but Binky Sue has prom this weekend. I have been tasked as playing chef for the date due to some technical issues with some people who have made the date couple just want to hide from them all.

All right I think that this is enough for one entry today. I hope that everyone is having a great week, and that anyone who maybe attending prom this weekend has a wonderful, safe time.

Friday, April 11, 2008

You are under my control!

Sometimes when I watch the animals in this house I really just have to wonder what is going through their minds. This past weekend watching the above scene, has me convinced that Eclipse is using mind control on puppy Mia. To see Mia sit still for anything longer than a minute is pretty amazing, and she sat just like this for about 10 minutes. Maybe Eclipse was sending her messages about "I'm faster than you, I can jump higher and farther than you, and if all else fails I have claws and will hiss at you if you don't leave me alone!" The dogs maybe much bigger, but it is the cats that rule this house with an iron paw!

It is time for Feline & Furball Friday over at Steve's again. If you want to play along all you have to do it post your own and leave a link in comments. I will come back later today to post the link. I hope that everyone has a great weekend with some nice weather.

Update: Link over to Steve and Pickle's Feline & Furball Friday

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Just so I don't go the whole week without posting anything other than the Feline & Furball Friday tomorrow, a random picture from our trip back home. All I can really remember about this picture is that we were stuck in construction traffic along the I-10 and really not moving at all. So to amuse myself I pulled out the camera and just started shooting pictures as we slowly rolled along.

I hope that everyone is having a great week, and see you all tomorrow for the usual Friday posting.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sibling Sunday...Looking back at the week

Much like the month of March I'm finding April to be moving by just as quickly. This week was a busy one and just seemed to fly by. The girls had busy weeks at school, Todd had a busy week being back to work, and I found myself busy with lots of little things around here and errands. Good news is it looks as if this week will be a little slower paced.

We have lots to look forward to coming up this month. Binky Sue has prom, which we already found the "Perfect" dress for. All three of the girls are getting excited about the fact that they are in the final quarter for school, which means summer vacation is coming just oh so quickly here. We have friends that are going to be visiting this month from Alaska. Oh yeah and next Saturday Todd, Sweetpea and I will be going to a Nascar race. Little bug is going to spend next Saturday with at a friends house because she doesn't think that she can deal with the noise of the race. Binky Sue is looking forward to just staying home and chilling out.

I may not be real sure just where all of the time is going this year, but it has been good. I've given up trying to catch up with myself here, and am just going to start new. I guess I forgot that there is no catching up with things. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend spent with those you love. I also hope that the week ahead is good for everyone.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Life in the mini zoo

Life in the mini zoo here has started to calm down and get back to normal. It seems that I have been forgiven by the cats for all of my wrongs. Thank goodness really because I'm not sure just how much longer I could have dealt with being dive bombed, meowed at loudly, clean up of things nasty, all of the wonderful things that they tend to do when upset with me. Eclipse and Angel were both very happy to have a beautiful day with great breeze flowing through open windows yesterday. I was happy because it gave me a chance to sit and play with the Olympus E-500 for about an hour or so. (Trying to figure out where all the buttons are on a different camera is just oh so very much fun...NOT!!) Anyway, the pictures of them are not the best but that isn't their fault. I was thrilled with just how close they were willing to let me get with the camera. It is a first I tell you...and I am very hopeful that it will not be the last.

Last week Steve returned with the Feline Friday and made a change to it. We now have Feline and Furball Friday going on. Which made Trinity and Mia happy to see that they too can give me a hard time on Thursday and Friday while I'm trying to get pictures of an animal. The first picture is of Mia, she is sometimes so not aware of things. I had been taking pictures and snapped one of her and then she sat in front of me for the next 15 minutes just like she is in this picture. I'm not sure just what was going through her puppy mind, but knowing her it probably involved the thought "Can I lick that thing? Is it food? I wonder if Mom will let me chew on that cool strap that is hanging off of it?" The last picture was taken with my Kodak P880 last weekend. The doggy train wreck left Trinity and Mia just so unable to move. Just so other dogs know what happens when you spend a day running, jumping, playing, chasing, fighting, repeating the whole list over and over again, you may end up looking just like this at about eight in the evening. It's a horrible, horrible thing but all dogs should be aware of it.
Well, I think that covers it for the animals. I will come back later today and post the link over to Steve's, and don't forget if you want to play along all you have to do it post your own and leave a link in comments.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Update: As promised I'm back with the link to Steve and Pickles new place.
Feline & Furball Friday

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just so I don't go crazy with pictures, I think these will be the last one's from our trip. The first one is from the Call of the Canyon area of Oak Creek. The bottom two are from the Slide Rock area. I like a lot of the pictures that I took on the trip, but I'm finding the one's from Slide Rock to be the most relaxing for me. Which is just funny because of the amount of climbing rocks that had to be done to get the photo's.

I'm keeping this entry short here tonight because I'm just not feeling all that well yet. I hope that everyone has had a good week, and that tomorrow is a good end to the week.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Next stop...Coconino National Forest

I said that I had more pictures, and after a couple of days of either having way to many issues or just being so busy, I'm finally going to get some more posted here. Flagstaff and the Coconino area was the next leg of our trip that we took. Actually Flagstaff was just our home base to sleep area. Busy town there and I know there were more than a few people that learned why you should make a reservation during the month of March. There was even one that Binky Sue and I got to watch in the lobby, that learned no matter how huge a fit you throw, no rooms means NO ROOMS!! She was fun to watch and listen to, even better was when the manager called the cops because she just would not leave. Ah the fun things you can see while traveling sometimes.

Coconino was a very pretty area to explore. We started out at the top of the area and had a very long and winding road to follow. The road is what I tried to get as good of a picture of as I could at the top lookout area. "S" curves, hairpin curves, "U" curves, and I think maybe even a couple of paper clip curves were thrown in there. The whole way down I was thinking about my Mom in the truck behind us, because there are several area's that you see right down the side and all you really see is how far of a drop it is. Oh and we did this road not just once...but three times! The first day in the area we did so much exploring of the area and then headed back out for the hotel, then the next day we went back through for our final day of exploring and then headed towards home. All was fine on the road till for my Mom till Binky Sue started talking about the huge rocks on the road that must have fallen from the above cliff areas, and then we had several cars that we ran into that were broken down on the very narrow twisting road. Now I did show everyone the map of the road before we even hit the area, and Mom said that she would be okay. I even laid out the plan of just what we were going to be doing and how many times we would have to be on that road, and she said she would be okay. Let me tell this...she wasn't so okay with it as she said she would be. I didn't get smacked for it, but she did tell me several times that she was really thinking about it. We stopped in the Call of the Canyon area and did just a very small amount of hiking. I think in fall would be a great time to be up there to take photo's. With all the red rock and trees turning for fall colors, and the creek running, I think some awesome pictures could be taken. That is just going to have to be another trip to the area.

I'm going to go ahead and end here today though, and pick back up tomorrow with some more pictures of the area. I hope that everyone is having a good week, and take care.