Friday, August 29, 2008

Watching out the window

P8265121, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Finally have a return of a cat again this week. Nothing close up but Eclipse was enjoying sitting and watching all of the birds outside that were after all of the bugs that were trying to find dry area to hide in.

It is time for Feline and Furball Friday over with Steve and Pickle. If you want to play along just post your own and leave a link in comments. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Strange week

This week is going nothing like I was hoping for, but they usually don't so I'm not surprised by that. My only hope for this week was to be able to get out and about to take pictures. No joke it has rained every day this week! Maybe next week will be good week for getting out to try for pictures. Sweetpea livened things up this week with her arm that has been hurting off and on for a couple of weeks, it went to hurting all the time horrible pain, and her not having the ability to use it. What we do know:
  • It isn't broken
  • It isn't bruised
  • We have another follow up Friday morning for blood test results and where we go next with figuring out just what is going on with her arm

In the mean time Sweetpea has been trying to adjust to having no use of her left arm, and a sever pain running through her arm at pretty much all points in time. The only good news for me last night was the pain coming down just a little bit for her and seeing her be able to move her left arm a little bit without passing out from the pain. Which this week is a very huge deal.

For just a little more added fun yesterday the AC unit broke. Now thank goodness because of all the rain we have had the temperatures are staying pretty low for August. Have only hit highs in the mid 80's most of this week, humidity has been up at about 90-100%, but if there isn't going to be a running AC this is a good week for it. The bad side of it is with the rain comes lots of creepy crawling things trying to find a dry place to hide. Well when you have to have windows and doors open for air they love your house! Since discovering the loss of the AC yesterday afternoon and opening up windows to try to keep house as cool as I can, I have killed 4 huge spiders and a countless number of other smaller bugs that found their way into the shelter of the house. By the way every animal that lives in this house is fired! They don't kill, they don't chase, they just don't do anything but sit and stare at the bugs. One even dared to run the oppisite direction from one last night. I think their thoughts are that Mom has shoes and that is just what they are for.

The good news is that someone will be out today to take a look at what is going on with the airconditioner and hopefully will be able to get it fixed today. The scary thought is that last year when this happened it took them two days to get the part in that they needed. Unless I'm just not going to sleep for the next couple of days there is no way I can leave these window open past sunset because of the flow of bugs right now. Ewww bugs!! So join me in hoping that it is something that they have parts for today to fix.

I hope that everyone is having a good week, and I will post more about Sweetpea after her appointment tomorrow or if I should happen to get a call today (so not holding my breath). Enjoy your Thursday!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday morning confusion

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I'm pretty sure the last thing that anyone really wants to see a picture of is the dirty dishes in my sink, but in my state of early Monday morning confusion it is what is going up. I'm trying to figure out just how in the world between 7:00 last night and 6:00 this morning I can have 8 dirty cups in the sink. One plate, one fork, but 8 dirty cups? Now I know that I can subtract one of the cups because I know Army Guy was using it last night. After years of children and animals my drinks are always in a container with a lid because I'm really not that fond of wearing my drinks. (Whole other confession here...yes I'm 38 years old and need a tippy cup!) Back to the topic at hand here this morning though, 7 cups since last night. Now all of the girls have water bottles that they keep with them, and one has yet to even come out to the kitchen area this morning, so the question is how in the world do I have so many cups laying dirty in the sink already? Oh wait I bet it is those sneaky little fairy again! They sneak in and make messes for us Mom's to clean. You know the one's that I'm talking about...instead of just one towel to dry off with they use three. Instead of throwing their snack trash away they leave it for animals to find and tear up, they spill juice on cabinets or on floors and just leave it. As Mom's we blame it on the children, but oh the error of our ways we should all learn from. It isn't those sweet adorable little babies of ours, it is those sneaky fairies trying to get them in trouble! I'm just glad that those sneaky things only left the confusing amount of dirty cups in the sink here this morning. At least they were not scattered through out the house like usual.
For anyone wondering I am feeling much better now and I'm thinking I'm going to be stuck in smarty pants mode for most of this week. I hope that everyone has a great start to the week, and keep on the look out for those sneaky fairies they will make a huge mess if you don't keep an eye out for them.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sibling Sunday...Didn't get the memo

Until last night I wasn't aware of the fact that to get my children to do their chores that they had to receive a memo about the chores. Well now that I know I will make sure that there are several memo's sent out about just what chores are expected to be done. Should be really easy for me to get done since I have that list making addiction. I will say this though...I'm pretty sure that none of the girls will ever make the mistake of saying "Well I didn't get the memo about it" ever again. I'm not so sure that Army Guy will get over laughing at me about making the memo up this morning, but every now and then when I Mom feels like screaming it is sometimes best to be a smarty pants instead. Plus there was the look of shock on children's faces as they read it that screamed they got the idea.
I hope that everyone is having a great Sunday, and kids should be on the look out for memo's from their Mother's.

Memo of change:

Do to it being brought to my attention yesterday that a memo of rounding up laundry was never gotten by one child, I’m making a change to the routine. From now on the laundry will be rounded up and ready to go Friday night. Which means once you return home from school Friday afternoon you should get all dirty clothes, and towels picked up and put in their respectful places so that washing of them can begin. Your failure to have all dirty items picked up and in place will result in them not being washed by me and if you want clean clothes for the following week, it may result in you having to wash them yourself. I am not a laundry service that lives for nothing more than to wash your dirty clothes, and is at your beck and call when it is convenient for you to get up and do the chores that are asked of you.

This will be your one and ONLY MEMO on this topic, and I expect each of you to sign and return to my desk showing that each of you have read this by no later than Monday August 25, 2008.

If you should have any questions about this memo please contact management.

Please sign acknowledgement of this memo

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Unplanned break

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After being Mom for so long to my girls I should know better than to celebrate feeling a little bit better, because there is always a second round coming for me. I tried to keep going this week, and actually made it through more than I thought I could, but blogging just didn't make it on any list. I'm hopeful that the worst of it is really behind me now, and that over the next couple of days I will stop feeling so very drained and get this house back in order.

It has been an emotional week on top of everything else. Binky Sue had an IEP team meeting to plan her transition of her senior year and per our deal I let her take the lead and make her own choices for this. For 14 years it has been my job to fight for the best for her so letting go was not all that easy of a task for me. We of course had to hear about the fact that by law I am the one they look to for everything till she is 18, but Binky Sue smiled as her Mom explained that it is time for her to take the reigns of it. My Binky Sue did a great job of sitting and explaining her point of view about which way she would like to see things go, and listened to each member of the team as they got to weigh in their votes for this year. I found myself sitting listening and watching this young woman and feeling so proud of her. Every word she spoke about her plans for herself, every question she asked of the team. Binky Sue may swear up and down that she isn't ready to grow up yet, but let me tell you something...she is already there. I'm not sure how and I'm not sure when, but it is there. Binky Sue wants final testing done to see where she is standing, if there is need for a 504 or IEP she will go with that, but if not she is ready to say good bye to the years of special education and move forward. No matter what from here on out she is in control of this aspect of her life, Mom is taking the passenger seat from here on out. Of course once all testing is done and time for the next meeting I will advise her and answer questions for her, but Binky Sue will set her next course.

This week also has brought various levels of upsetting news most of which I won't go into here. It is enough to say that my thoughts are with several different people right now. Family though is at the center of my prayers. For my Mom to have the strength to make a difficult decisions, which as a Mom myself I do not envy. I think I have done my job as a daughter and listened to her tears, and hopefully said words that will help to give her strength. I know I did a good job of keeping my opinions to myself because this subjects tends to irritate me beyond belief and I don't always stop myself before I say something that hurts her feelings, but this week I kept it under control. Be strong Mom, like I said I know you know what it is that you have to do, and I hope that you will have the strength to do it. There was news today about Army Guys Uncle Don, which has put us into talk and planning for possibility of him making a trip home. There is always the hope that things will change, but the reality of the news is these may be the last days. I ask for prayers, good thoughts, good wishes, whatever it is that everyone believes in. I know this is short in details but it is all that I really think needs to be shared.

I will try to get back into the swing of things this week here. Who knows maybe I will even have energy to pick up my camera again this week and get out and about for some picture taking. I hope that everyone is having a good weekend spent with those you love. Have a wonderful Sunday and hopefully I will be back with a Sunday Sibling post to catch everyone up on all things here in Arizona.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Look out!

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Every now and then I'm lucky when I take my camera out to shot something, tonight was that kind of night. While taking dogs out I realized that I loved the look of the clouds and wanted to grab the camera and shot some quick pictures before the rain rolled in. While doing that I captured a lightning strike! Not blurred, from cloud to ground area and wow am I happy! Click on the picture and it should take you to larger options. I hope the weekend is off to a good start for everyone.

They are all MY toys!

MiaTrinity, originally uploaded by torri_g.

The fun of having more than just one animal is much like the fun of having more than just one child. You reach whole new levels of head in hands wondering what in the world. If you are really lucky though you will get to sit and wonder why, while shaking your head in amazement. It has been that kind of week with the dogs...wait it has been like that with every animal in this house this week, but I'm just going to post about the dogs. Trinity and Mia have toys, lots of chew toys. Try walking through this house in the morning and not hurt yourself on one or more of them, I dare you! They have toys based on their sizes and they seem to understand just what toy is for who in this house. Now there are lots of fun games that get played with the toys in this house, like Mia taking her sisters bones to chew on because she knows how very upset it is going to make her. Trinity will pile up Mia's toys and lay on them while she chews on her own just to frustrate the little dog. The best game though is Trinity hiding all of Mia's toys and then laying down with all of her own toys around her. You wouldn't think that it would take all that long to find toys hidden in this house because it just isn't all that big, but man Trinity can hide those things! When he toys have been hidden by big sister Mia goes into her way cute puppy routine. Rolling around on the floor looking up at her sister, basically begging her to share her toys with her because Mia's are gone and she can't find them. Usually it ends up with a fight because Mia will just start stealing Trinity's toys when she realizes that they are not going to be shared willingly, but before that happened I managed to get a couple pictures of the cute routine. I'm sorry Mia but Trinity just still isn't falling for it, I guess Mommy is going to have to do the grand search for your toys again today.

It is time again for Feline and Furball Friday! So if you want to play along, just post your own entry and leave a link in comments. I will come back later today to post the link over to Steve and Pickle. I hope that everyone has a good day, and a great start to the weekend.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It is a tuff choice

It is a tuff choice here today...sit inside in the cool but have runny nose, sneezing and coughing fits that take my breath away. Or sit outside on the front patio where it is warm and muggy because of all night and all day rain, but be stuffed up with no sneezing and coughing. I've picked to sit outside for right now with the laptop, were for the first time today I'm neither sniffling or having to try and catch my breath from my latest coughing fit. Sweetpea on the other hand can not come out here and join me like she wanted to because housing sent mowers around today to mow the waist high wild grass of the ravine area. Although I'm not so sure just how much they mowed vs flattened down because of the amount of water that I could see standing out there. Oh well though because they messed up and mowed the area right outside our fence line which means less to try to get through this weekend so Army Guy should be happy.

I'm going to be happy when I can finally get rid of this cold. I'm tired of this great big alergy attack feeling that I have going on and would really like to be able to sit in my house in the cool instead of the muggy, but I'm trying not to complain.

I hope that everyone is have a great Thursday and looking forward to the coming weekend.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trying to rebound this week

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I'm not sure what hopes I had for this week, but I can sure say I don't think a cold was anywhere near the top of my list. I know it seems to be a pretty standard thing for when the kids return to school, but geez every tradition can be broken at some point in time right? Alright so maybe this tradition will just have to wait to be broken. The painful soar throat has given way to coughing fits, and the thought of "Is it really possible for one's head feel that stuffed up?" I'm most happy about the fact that the fever part didn't hang around to long, I still have a Little Bug that doesn't like when Mommy puts the kiss and hug ban in effect in this house. Unlike her sisters who get right into the air hugs and blown kisses, she still wants the up close snuggle. Which is a wonderful thing, but during times of colds I don't think so! Sadly enough though the ban didn't do enough to keep Little Bug from coming home yesterday looking about how I have felt this week, and by last night she too was wondering about how is it possible to be so stuffed up? Binky Sue and Sweetpea have made it very clear that they are going to hide till the all clear is sounded, and Army Guy went and stocked up on cold medicines. Of course he made sure to point out all of the stuff that he got with the not so subtle hints of take this now! Ah to feel the love...from across the room right now of course. I wonder if they are making plans to confine me in some small hidden "clean room"? Oh wait, no that isn't going to happen because there are still meals that need to be cooked. Thank goodness for being a good cook or this Mom would be shuffled off into to a hidden spot till the cold was gone.

I hope that everyone is having a good week, and be on the look out for this cold because it comes out of no where and takes you down fast.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting back into the flow of things

100b8963, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Still working on posting pictures from the trip out to the canyons before school got started. This is from Middle Garden Canyon area and the wash area of the road that takes you further up the canyon. A couple of months back when I posted pictures of this same area there was tons of algae growing because there was just really a trickle of water coming through the wash.

As for the title of this post...well it is the first Monday morning with everyone either off to school or work and I need to start getting back into the daily flow of a new routine here. If it weren't for workers out upgrading electrical lines causing dogs to bark their heads off, I would have total silence here this morning. I am going to complain a little bit though, I find it totally unfair that the kids head back to school and by Sunday afternoon I'm the one with the sore throat that hurt so very much. I'll complain just a little more about the fact that as of this morning my throat doesn't hurt but now I have no voice. I'm not sure how that works out every year, they head off to school and I'm the one that catches the first cold of the school year?

I hope that everyone has a great start to the new week today.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sibling Sunday

P8104638, originally uploaded by torri_g.

This weekend has found everyone in this house chilling out. The first week of school, count downs to the end of school year have already begun and I'm hearing the complaints about the tons of little things that no one is happy about. Ah the school year...thank goodness tomorrow is Monday and time for them to head back for another week.

Binky Sue is finding herself very bored with her very light load of classes this year. I would guess after loading up so heavy for the last three years and then suddenly only having 3 homework giving classes would be difficult to adjust to. I think having 2 study hall/teachers aide is the part that is boring her the most. Binky Sue has been so driven for so many years now, she just doesn't seem to know how to kick into a slower gear for this year. She has actually been bored enough this week and weekend that I have heard her begging her sisters to let her help them with any homework that they might have. I'm glad that she has such drive, but I'm hoping that Binky will find a way to relax and just enjoy this final school year.

Sweetpea is off and running with her year with complaints of the opposite, she has full load of classes and tons of home work. She does however seem to be going with the attitude of getting it done that she started last year in the second semester. I'm still hopeful that it will stay that way and maybe this year I will not have to have any talks about why she needs to do that home work.

Little Bug had a great first short week. I think it was perfect because I didn't get any phone calls from the school nurse. Don't laugh, the last couple of years I swear the nurse has had me on speed dial within the first couple of hours of the start of school. Little Bug is enjoying her classes and teachers that refer to her as the "Third G Girl". For Little Bug I'm hoping for the year that she wants so very much. I know if she puts her mind to it she can have whatever kind of year she wants.

This week Army Guy heads back to work and that is going to find me alone with animals during the day. Probably going to be an odd feeling to be here alone after so many months of having kids and then hubby around. But I am kind of looking forward to it for at least the first part of the week.

I hope that everyone has had a great weekend, and that there is a good week ahead for all of us.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Simple Saturday

100_9114, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Just having a very simple day here today. Some chores done, some talking on the phone to family, and some time spent with hubby and girls. Perfect kind of day really, the kind that leaves you with the feeling you got stuff done, but spent more time with the people that matter most to you.

I hope everyone has had a simple Saturday and some time to just relax.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Feathers for Friday

P8074627, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Unless I was willing to let the cats sit on the bird cages, or torment the dogs, there was no way of getting pictures of them. The dogs have proved to be equally difficult to take pictures of, most of my shots have been nothing but a blur due to the high speed chasing going on this week. So figuring I would end up with nothing, but hoping to capture at least on animal in the house in a good pose, I pointed the camera at Puff. Little bird didn't let me down and got right into posing for pictures. I think I finally figured out why Puff will pose so well, each of the camera's make just enough noise while trying to focus to interest the lovebird.

It is Feline & Furball Friday time again, so if you want to play along just post your own and head over to see Steve and Pickle to leave a link in comments. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Twotail Swallowtail

100_9111, originally uploaded by torri_g.

No zoom for this picture, I was actually able to get right up next this one and its friend that were sitting sunning themselves and drinking last week. The girls loved how close we were able to get to the swallowtails out in the canyon, and even enjoyed the fact that they were able to touch them and they didn't fly off. I have lots of pictures and will see about picking one with the two of them to post.

I hope that everyone is have a good week.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to school in full swing

100_9017, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Today is the day! All girls are back to school. Little bug was a bundle of nerves before heading out the door here this morning. Having had kids at the middle school here for the last 4 years, we know all of the teachers and she knows the ones that she is hoping to get for her 8th grade year. She was a little upset about the fact that one of our favorites moved on from the middle to being principal at a school in town. A wonderful move for him and we wish him the best of luck, but as an English teacher he will be missed by younger siblings that have heard the stories about what fun he was to have as a teacher.

Our final shopping trip was made last night for the feared art supplies for Sweetpea. The only reason I fear it so much is not because of the price of the supplies, although being able to find them cheaper would be great thing, it is finding the things on the list. Living in such a small town area it is sometimes difficult due to being limited with only so many place to look. We got very lucky though and were able to find everything and then some this year. Of course the hard bound sketch books were found at the last place I thought we would find them and were a case of me just happening to look down at the right place. I got smart and signed up for reward cards finally since I'm sure much like years past, we are going to be making at least once a month trips for art supplies.

Senior year is off and running for Binky Sue with projects that are due by Thursday of this week. Very first day back and come yesterday evening she was shut in her room getting them done already. She also started her count down for the school year. There are 172 days till she is done, and 180 days till graduation.

Army guy is on leave this week, which has long been a tradition for us . Take the week that they head back off so that he can help with any last minute errands, and then be able to spend time with each other after they start. The thought was to head out for breakfast this morning, but I think that will happen tomorrow instead since I'm enjoying the quiet of the house here right now. I have to be honest, I love the start of the new school year for the quiet it brings to the house during the day, but love when they all get home filled with their loud stories about the school day. Oh and Sweetpea's tales about "one time in art class" are just to funny, and after yesterday I think we are adding tales about a French exchange students that all the girls just find so "dreamy".

I hope that everyone has a great Wednesday, and tomorrow I will get back to posting pictures from our trip out the canyons last week. Butterflies, flowers and creek waterfalls.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh Hail!

I know second post for the day, but I didn't want to miss having pictures of our hail storm this evening. The storm had been building most of the afternoon, and the rain from it was impressive oh and still going. But the hail part of it was the most impressive for here in Arizona. We have seen hail in the last four years of living out here, but never as big and for as long as we did tonight. Funny thing was there was no national weather service warnings till after the first and worst part was over us and on it's way towards Pima county. I guess we are far enough south in the state that it doesn't matter all that much if we get caught off guard by a sever thunderstorm. Tonight going out the dogs were trying to figure out just what was going on with all the piles of ice laying everywhere in the back yard. No Trinity and Mia you are not dreaming, and no it isn't winter time yet we have ice here.
Alright I think it may be time to shut down the computer again because there seems to be more rolling in. Everyone have a great safe night.

It begins

100_9015, originally uploaded by torri_g.

The 2008-2009 school year begins today for Binky Sue and Sweetpea. The sounds of a not so happy Binky Sue started at about 0500 this morning, and quickly included the excited but scared sounds of Sweetpea. Right now as I type this they should be making their way to the school and all of the insanity that is going to be the first day. In past years the first couple of hours of the first day were reserved for just the freshman class, give them a couple of hours to learn the layout and not have to deal with the total crushing amount of kids. This year they took that away, and since both of mine are upper class men I did hear conversation about looks on faces as the freshmen first entered the school today. I know both of my girls will be kind and helpful if it is asked of them.

Today is Little bugs last day of summer vacation, and all signs point to the fact that she is going to totally love being the only child home today. I'm also happy that her transition from summer hours back to school year hours has gone very smoothly, and seeing that she is up already this morning means that tomorrow there should not be any issues getting her up and around for school.

So my own thoughts here this morning...180 days and Binky Sue will graduate, Sweetpea will obtain her senior year status, and Little bug will be making her transition to the high school as part of the poor freshman class for next year. I'm not really sure just where the time has gone, but boy did it fly. By September I will have Binky Sue's senior portraits ready to be sent out to family and friends, so if you haven't picked favorites yet there is still some time. Anyone who cant pick, Binky Sue has finally picked two that she will be using for that situation.

I hope that everyone has a great Tuesday.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Morning

100_9129, originally uploaded by torri_g.

What do you get when you drop over 8 inches of rain in less than two weeks in the Arizona desert? You get green and lots of it, wild flowers growing every where, and a crazy me with my camera trying to capture as much as I can. I still haven't found any prickly pear cactus blooms, but I'm still hopeful that soon they will get going. If I can get the girls to stop pouting about the last day of summer vacation being today, I may try to get them out to Parker Canyon Lake area. That is IF I can get them to stop pouting long enough.

I hope there is a good week for all of getting started today. Get outside if possible and enjoy some of the beautiful things around you.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sibling Sunday...lagging behind

100_9013, originally uploaded by torri_g.

This past week flew by like no other of the summer vacation but was a wonderful week. We made it out to a couple of the canyon area's which have lots of water flowing through creeks and washes. The girls enjoyed the hiking we did, and watching for all of the little critters that are hanging out in the area. Of course when you have a hot morning hike going on and you come across a large wash filled with water you just have to take your shoes and socks off and play in the water for a while. Binky Sue enjoyed splashing everyone with the very cold water. I took tons of pictures from our day of hiking and I'm very happy with the pictures that I got and have for posting this week.

This week has also been filled with Binky Sue voicing her thoughts about entering her senior year of high school. The thing I have been hearing from her is that she doesn't want to do it. She would like to just hold on to this summer which she has deemed as the last summer of her childhood. According to her she just isn't ready for what lies at start of this school year...the final journey towards entering the adult world. I'm sure this will pass but right now you can see the thoughts of whats to come weighing on her.

Sweetpea on the other hand has an enthusiasm about starting this school year that I have never seen with her. There is a real confidence about her that I'm so happy to see. It is the outward projection of confidence that we are not all that used to seeing with her. Up until this summer it was just an inward quiet confidence that she had, not caring to stand out, or caring if anyone heard her. Look out everyone, that Sweetpea seems to be gone, and the new Sweetpea is making it clear that things have changed.

Little bug, well she is just Little bug. She has always looked forward to the first day of school. I think it has something to do with the shopping that happens for it. Her hopes are for a good strong 8th grade year, the last of her middle school years. Her biggest hope is for this to be the year that the Epilepsy stays at bay and she can stay out of the nurses office. Alright so that isn't her biggest hope, that is my biggest hope for the coming school year. Little bugs biggest hope is to make a return to the straight A student who gets tons of awards, that she used to be.

Mom here is happy that her evil plan of starting back to school shopping in June just a couple of weeks after they got out of school, worked out so very well this year. Making the trip out this weekend to get the short list of socks, shoes, two haircuts, backpack and a few other things made life so much easier and quicker since it seemed like the whole town was out shopping in a last minute frenzy. Or stuff took us to area's of the stores that just were not all that busy, which I personally loved.

Well, I think this is more than long enough for a Sunday. I hope that everyone had a good week, and that there is a good week getting ready to start for all of us. I'll be back this week with picture's from out trip out to the canyon's. Have a great Sunday!