Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not much

Since I've been having horrible headaches, knee pain that is just barely manageable, and a couple of busy days, I'm finding myself with a lot I want to post about, but not a whole heck of a lot I'm willing to post about. I'd like to say that I'm going to try to get back on track here soon, but right now I'm thinking a total derailment and taking time off would probably be for the best. Probably not for a very long time, but long enough to get things back in order in my mind. I hope that everyone has had a good week, and I will keep track of and sort out all the things that I think are important enough to post about.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Registration 2009

I forgot to get a picture of Little Bug heading out for freshman registration yesterday. Army Guy took her and the other girls and I were impressed with their total time because they came in second place for total time spent out of house for registration. What a great first attempt! Four hours and fifteen minutes, that is from the time they left the house till they walked back in the house. There were no extra errands run during that time, so it is all time spent out at the high school getting registration done. Army Guy's report about it sounds like the past four years out there, and I was just happy that this one I didn't have to do. I am taking Sweetpea for her's on Friday morning though so that I don't miss out on the chance to stand in endless lines for hours on end. I mean what would life be like if I didn't have to stand waiting forever? I would just be lost I tell you!
Little Bug is done though and that in the end is what matters the most. One down and one more to go. I'm just hoping that come Friday with Sweetpea that we can get it done in record breaking short time. Which would mean that anything less than an hour and a half would be great. I think I'm due a break with Sweetpea though since it was with her last year that we hit that five hour mark!

I hope that everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sibling Sunday

Sweetpea, originally uploaded by torri_g.

The senior portrait shooting is now done, time for the editing to kick in. I'm not going to get back to killing my eyes working on that though till I post this stink face picture. It's funny to me how while looking through so many portraits that were shot I automatically find the one that can not be used and is funny. To say it smelled bad out in the upper garden canyon would be a huge understatement. The closer we got to the creek the worse the smell got. So of course I picked a spot that was right down on the creek to shoot pictures. I mean why not? So what if the smell made you want to gag! Sweetpea did it without questioning though. To be fair the face isn't the result of the smell of the area. There was a fly that kept attacking her face that caused the look. Or maybe it was her way of telling Mom that she was tired of being shot and it was time for me to put the camera away. Of course I'm still wishing I had taken a picture of all the spiders running through the long grass ahead of me while we looked for location to shoot pictures. Think Harry Potter movie "The Chamber of Secrets" with all of the small spiders running to the forest. Sadly though I don't think many other people would have liked that photo as much as me.

So now that the senior portrait shooting is done and the editing is going to begin it is a sign that school start time is very close. Friday was family fun day up at the clinics with the girls. Army guy took Sweetpea and Little Bug for immunization updates, while I went with Binky Sue for an appointment. Binky Sue's one appointment lead to another appointment being set for her that afternoon, lab work, and prescription for pain. I'm going to hold off on anything more about Binky's appointment till she gets a call with results from all of the tests that were done on Friday though. Fingers crossed that tomorrow brings that call though, because I'm not sure how much longer Binky Sue can wait before she has a break down.
Sweetpea and Little Bug did fine with getting their shots. Little Bug's arms hurt the most because of needing four shots. But she was a good ways behind since for the last four years they were not willing to give them to her because of the Epilepsy and the medication. Sweetpea got only two, but for added fun she seems to be having a mild reaction to one of them. (I swear these girls can't do anything the easy way that doesn't involve me having to keep a constant watch on something.) But they are all current now and come this week while clearing the nurses station at registration there shouldn't be any hiccups.

With registration this week means that we are in the final two weeks before school starts up again. August 6th is the date for the Sweetpea and Little Bug. Which mean that come next weekend I'm going to have to get out and finish the back to school shopping. There are shoes to buy, hair cuts to get, and the always dreaded school supply list to shop for. Plus then there is the first day of school list that comes home for each of the classes. It is time again for the $5 here, $10 there, $20 here game to begin all over again.

I hope that everyone enjoys a wonderful Sunday. For family and friends portrait finals will be up in the next couple of weeks with a link sent out again like last year. Everyone have a great day spent with those you care about most!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Now there is a sign

Sign, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Well our bear sighting from earlier in the week not only made the local new paper, but now they have signs up in the area. All bad jokes from all of us aside, the article in the paper kind of worried me because of it talking about people taking steps to scare the bear. It is one of those times reading it when the thought comes to mind that someone out there reading it is dumb enough to think that they should do the same as animal control. The bear is a young bear that has been weaned and has become accustomed to human food, and also has lost it's fear of humans. Based on the amount of trash that we saw today in several different areas while out shooting portraits, I'm really surprised that there are not more reports of wild animals in other area's. It's called a trash can...and they are set out for very good reasons. If there isn't a trash can, I don't think it would hurt anyone to hold on to it till they can get to a trash can. It can however lead to some very bad things for the wildlife. In the five years that we have lived here there have been other animals that have had to be put down because of their want of human food. (Yes, mostly bears.) The area's I'm talking about aren't the housing area's. I'm talking about out in the canyons where other than nature there isn't much of anything else, and how difficult is it to remember to pick up your trash. Much like you wouldn't want someone coming into your house and throwing trash all over the place, it shouldn't be done out doors either.

Alright so this has turned into a bit of a rant here, but I mean really people! We didn't see the bear today, and racing the storm clouds we did finally manage to get Sweetpea's portraits done. I'm about half way through the edit process of the picks, and next will come the dreaded final choices. I do have a priceless picture to use for Sibling Sunday tomorrow though. I hope that everyone has had a great Saturday and enjoy a wonder Sunday with those you care about the most.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gypsy Rose Again

Gypsy, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Gypsy is back again for a turn at the Feline Friday posting. Why? Well, because of all of the pictures I shot of animals this week she of course has the best picture.

Gypsy has been spending more time out of Binky Sue's safe haven of a room this week, and I got to see a side of Gypsy that I just haven't seen. In true kitty cat form she was demanding of attention from others that are not her girl Binky Sue. There was even some purring going on, which of course ended as soon as it was pointed out to Gypsy. I guess she can't show the rest of us just how very happy she really is here yet.
We also discovered that just like Angel, she loves to tease those dogs. Her's is very simple though really, she just sits on the opposite side of the baby gate that is in for the back hallway. Unlike Angel who will slowly walk through a room and do a stop drop and roll move while meowing to get their attention for the chase that always happens. Or the ever wonderful touching of their toys that is sure to get them going.

It is Friday again and that means that it is time to stop over and visit Steve and Pickle and all of the great animals that stop by to visit. I hope that everyone has a great Friday.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


It figures that I finally feel like I can shoot senior portraits or any pictures for that matter, and the monsoon rain finally kicks in in major fashion. Yesterday there was enough rain to send water running through the back ravine high enough to be see from the back yard. Heck we had thunder, lightning and even had hail at one point in time. So Sweetpea's day two of shooting is on hold till we see what today is going to bring our way weather wise. Which is fine really because it gave Sweetpea and I a chance to talk about some different poses and just what we wanted to change about the first shot's.

Since this is just going to be a rambling post anyway I'll take a few minutes to catch up on some other things. After this week and really trying to push myself with this knee of mine, I've come to the conclusion that odds are good that I will be calling to see about getting the injection that was offered. I'm noticing that I am making it further and further walking without to much more than a throbbing pain, but pretty much any thing else with the knee is still out of the question because of the pain it causes.

Some good thoughts for Binky Sue would be great this week also. She has an appointment tomorrow and so that she doesn't think about killing her mother I will leave it at that.

Monday starts the back to school registration and I need to find Little Bugs shot records because I know for a fact that there are some that she needs. She got out of having to have them done the last couple of years because of the Epilepsy, and the fact that neither of the doctors would sign off on letting her have them. Now that she has out grown that I'm pretty sure that the school would like for her to be current and up to date. Little Bug really would love to not have to go and get any shots though.

I think that is about it really. I hope that everyone has a good Thursday and that the weather is nice for all of us today.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sweetpea, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Since the choice was made to not use really any of the outdoor portraits from yesterday, I figured I would share this one. After everyone in the family here looking at pictures got past the whole "That so doesn't look like Sweetpea!" The comments turned to what a natural happy look she has in so many of the portraits, and the simple beauty that is Sweetpea. She may rather have her sketch book and pencil in hand, but we are going to recreate the look again today and get these outdoor portraits shot the right way. She isn't going to slouch and I'm going to get the camera settings right. Army Guy is going to go out with us so that I have the adult pair of eyes keeping watch out for any bears that might be making those twigs snap, and hopefully by tonight we will be done with the shooting of the senior portraits. Then all that will remain with be the editing and final picks of which photo's. By the way most of the editing will be for color enhancement and maybe some smoothing out of backgrounds because Sweetpea's complexion is just about as perfect as can be.

I hope that everyone has a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Please no pictures!

There will be no picture for tonights entry, mostly because I'm really sick of looking at picture right now. Alright so not sick as much as just tired and blurry eyed. We shot Sweetpea's senior portraits today, and will be heading back out to shot again tomorrow. The most amazing thing is going on with these portraits, at first look no one belives that it is Sweetpea. To say she looked beautiful doesn't even come close to describing her today. Hopefully we will have another good luck kind of day tomorrow. This time when we head out to the canyon area's I would really like to not start the day off with a bear wandering down into the area. Although it is kind of funny to see a group of Army Guys go running in the oppisite direction screaming like girls. I'm not sure what the picking up of rocks and sticks was going to do other than irratate the bears. Since I was driving I couldn't get a hold of my camera to take any pictures of the bears, and the brave guys sent them back running into the woods. I think the bears were more affraid of their crazy antics than anything else.

If we are lucky and get these outdoor pictures shot the way that I want, I should have senior portraits for everyone to see here in the next couple of days. Oh and I did download the pictures tonight because I thought we might have what I wanted done. But because of keeping watchful eye out for more bears the outdoor one's just are not good enough. I do have some indoor one's that are mind blowing though.

Anyway, enough of this ramble tonight. I hope that everyone had a good Tuesday and that tomorrow is another good day.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Rambling

IMG_5837, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Yesterday and today have probably been the laziest days we have had as a whole family in a good while. The only one that probably did much of anything today is Binky Sue and that is only because a friend called and asked her to spend the day and stay the night over at her house. The rest of us have done very little here. Wait very little would imply that we did something...okay we did nothing! There has been chilled out television watching, naps, and not much of anything else. Ah what a great couple of days it has been. Tomorrow though will be different. The time has come whether I'm ready or not to shot Sweetpea's senior portraits. I'm going to start with the indoor portraits since I think they are going to be more problematic for me than the outdoor one's. I'm hoping that with getting busy shooting portraits will spring me into getting some much needed house cleaning done, laundry done and a few other things around here. I'm working it in my mind that I will not down load any pictures till they are all shot.(This thought may end up being a huge failure, but I'm really going to try.)

I hope that everyone has had a good Monday and that tomorrow is another good day.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sibling Sunday

IMG_5789, originally uploaded by torri_g.

There isn't all that much new for the siblings this week that I haven't already posted about. We are in the final 20 some days of summer vacation, and only a dreaded 10 days till registration begins. The creative mind has gone to work on ideas for Sweetpea's senior portraits and other than picking a day to get started I think I'm ready. There is a list (because I've already admitted to being a list fanatic) with scouted locations for her outdoor shots that she wants, and indoor shots. Plus the outfit choices have been made. The goal is to make her's look very different from Binky Sue's. That shouldn't be to difficult really though since Sweetpea is opting to have outdoor shots done, and so far the idea's that are being written down are nothing like Binky's were last year. I personally can not wait to use my new camera for the this years senior portraits. There is only one idea that I'm concerned with for trying to shoot, but I'm sure that I will get that one figured out. There is also the thought that if it doesn't work the first time I can always set it up differently and try a second, third, and if needed fourth time. Sweetpea so far has played a very active role in the creation of idea's for her portraits. She also seems to be getting excited about shooting them here soon.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is having an enjoyable weekend and that there is a good week a head for all of us.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news...Army Guy had his farewell lunch today and got a couple of really cool "parting" gifts.
The bad news...Odds are that I'm not going to post pictures of them here because they have his full name on them. One is just very funny to me though but would need so much explanation done for it that I don't think even if I photo shopped his name off I would want to try and explain it.
The good news...Army Guy enjoyed his farewell lunch and is really done having to go into work.
The bad news...That means that there are a million other things that have to get done before his October retirement from the Army.

Great news...Army Guy and I got to go out to the farmer's market and pick up a couple of favorites, and it has been really nice having him home this week.

The good news...I had my follow up with orthopedic surgeon today.
Bad news...He was running an hour and a half behind schedule.
The good news...I don't have a damaged meniscus!
The bad news...I do have a problem with the back of my knee cap, and the option of surgery isn't an option, and I will just continue to have the pain probably forever because he isn't really even sure just what it wrong with the back of the knee cap because he has never seen anything like it before, and neither have several other's he talked to.
The good news...It is in my records that when I want an injection for the pain I can call and set appointment.
The bad news...Getting injections for pain is probably the best that is going to be able to be done.
The good news...The cartilage and ligaments in my knee look really, really good otherwise.

I think the last part about my knee was the doctors way of trying to cheer me up after telling me that I would just have to learn to live and deal with the pain in my knee. Yes I'm very happy to know that my knee looks great inside, now if we could just figure out just what it is with the back of my knee cap that is the problem! I didn't go with an injection today because of not having Army Guy there to drive home if I had needed that, and didn't want to take a chance and find out after the fact. Plus there is the whole thought of the injection in the knee that I really just didn't like. I'm thinking about trying to get back into walking and getting out with my camera and see just how much pain I can take before I give in and make the call for an injection. I was making jokes all day about the fact that I was sure I was going to hear that the meniscus was perfectly fine. I can honestly say that I wasn't even surprised when he said it in the office. The reason I knew I would hear it...any time a doctor says they are sure it is this to a female in my family, it isn't that at all. I really just stayed true to form for the family. However, I think Army Guy and my Mom thought I was being a real smart ass when I told them what the doctor had said, but that is only because they were the one's that I told earlier in the day what I thought.

All in all it has been a very good day. (Okay the never ending pain part is not such a great thing but hey I will learn to deal with it...I hope.) I got to spend another day with my girls being a bit crazy, and time with Army Guy which is a great thing. I hope that everyone had a good day! Now to plan a trip out and see if I can cause some real pain in this knee of mine.

Not sure Thursday

IMG_5835, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I had a subject title to go with the picture, but once I finally got the picture uploaded there was a blank space in my brain where the title had been. Which is fine really because the post itself probably would have ended up having nothing to do with either one. Yes I'm feeling as if my brain has suddenly stepped out on me here this morning. Maybe it was the day of shopping yesterday. Maybe it was the in and out of the heat. Maybe I just have one to many things on my mind and my brain is going to just take a quick vacation here this morning because it knows that by mid day odds are good that I will have one heck of a headache going on yet again. Maybe the brain is even more worried about another day of stuff to be done and the pain that will shortly be throbbing in my knee. Good news is that this afternoon is the appointment with the doctor to go over the MRI results and find out just what we are going to be doing to make this knee better.

Yesterday was the day of school clothes shopping, and was going to be just a shopping day for Sweetpea and her senior year back to school, but because of to good to pass up sales ended up being Sweetpea and Little Bug shopping. Little Bug was caught off guard with it but with sales as good as we found you just can not let the good prices get away from you when in the mall. Other than hair cuts, shoes, and school supplies we are done. Now the talk of doing Sweetpea's senior portraits has really kicked in. I'm actually thinking about trying to start shooting them here in the next week and will just have to remember to be very careful with what I do with the knee. If anything else it would give me something to sit and work on if I should have surgery on the knee here soon. Little Bug is tickled to death about her new wardrobe. Since for the last three years she has had to wear uniforms, being able to express herself with her clothes is very exciting for her. I'm just worried about her seemingly non stop growth spurt she is currently going through. Since May she has pushed up to just shy of seeing eye to eye with me and since I know she reads here just about daily I won't go into the other major changes. I think she had more than enough while shopping yesterday with her whole family helping look for the right size "under gear" as Army guy called it. I'm just hoping what we bought yesterday will fit through till at least the half way point of this year.

Every year I enjoy watching Sweetpea pick her style for the coming year, and again this year I was surprised with the choices. She is even brighter than last year, and more "girlie" too. Anyone who knows Sweetpea knows how she feels about being to "girlie" and that is why it is surprising for me. We have soft pastel colors this year, and even more layers than last year. There are some shirts that are very daring V necks. Well, not very daring but for Sweetpea anything with a V neck is daring really. We have the shortest sleeves I have ever seen her go with. (Just so you understand, for Sweetpea 3/4 length sleeve has been a mandatory thing for years.) This year we have tank tops of just about every color, and shirts that just barely have a sleeve though. Even better we have jeans that are actually her true size! Don't laugh it is a really big thing here. To be honest I can't wait to shoot her portraits just so I can have proof of what she picked out before it makes it's way to the hidden back of the closet.

Alright enough of me and my rambling for this morning. I just remembered the original title for my post here. "Half Empty, Half Full" but for the life of me I still can't remember why. I hope that everyone has a great Thursday, and I may be back later tonight with a post about things from today.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Being "Furwoahsis"!

IMG_5834, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Binky Sue is probably going to yell at me for using the not so great picture, but it is the first one that came to mind to use so she is just going to have to deal with it. Her first meeting with the Lions Club was last night, and talk about a hyper Binky Sue when she finally got home! From the sounds of it there was lots of stuff talked about but recruiting new members and how to was biggest topic of conversation. In the coming weeks Binky Sue will be creating a power point presentation that can be used and a few other things. When they hit the topic of advertising, she had an idea that she wrote down but didn't share with anyone because she would like to have one or two done for the next meeting to show them. When she got home she asked me for help setting up design, and I have to say I think they are a cute and good idea. Today while out shopping for school clothes she is going to look for the supplies that she will need to get them ready. Fingers crossed that the other Lions like this advertising idea with an 18 year old twist. Once she has them done I will make sure to get pictures to share, but only after she has shared them with the rest of the group. I think right now she is loving the idea of doing good things and adding her own flair to how she goes about getting those things done.

I hope that everyone enjoys a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy Bee

Busy Bee, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Yesterday was a semi busy bee kind of day. Quick and early out of the house to pick up x-ray disk from the local hospital and then off to have my MRI done. Sit and wait, wait, and wait a little more because if it is local appointment I just still after 5 years of being here can not get my timing right. Now tell me appointment in Tucson and I can get that timing right. Finally get called back in and get to see the poor guy that they have walking laps up and down the hallways in his gown and tennis shoes feeling like an idiot. At least he had a great sense of humor about the whole thing, and would cheerfully say hello every time he passed me. He also would throw in comments about how stupid he felt doing the laps in his outfit and asked that no one take a picture of him because he was sure that his wife would love to post that.
Finally off to the room to get the MRI done and thankful that for the first time ever of having one done that they had head phones. I got to listen to classic rock for the 25 minutes of the beating and banging that is known as having a MRI done, and other than freezing to death by the time I was done, just about feel asleep during it. Simple things like "Have a great day" and "Your doctor will probably have the results sometime tomorrow" and I was left to try and find my way out of the maze. Thank goodness there were other people back there that could point the directions to me or I would still probably be trying to find my way out of that place. No was a huge maze in there.
The good thing about being freezing cold was when I got outside and hit the 90+ temperature at 10:00 in the morning, I didn't feel like I was melting on the spot.

Army Guy and I took a look at a house yesterday and I'm still not real sure just what to say about it other than "we looked at a house yesterday". I will say that picking one of the hottest days to go looking is probably not such a great idea. The fun of walking into a house that is and has been sitting closed up all summer in Arizona is like walking right into a blast furnace.
Today is going to be a more simple day or errand running. Binky Sue has some job listings that she would like to get out and put in applications for, and tonight is her meeting with the Lions Club. Tomorrow will be a day of shopping for Sweetpea and possibly Little Bug and the ever dreaded back to school clothes. I'm still debating the idea of driving to Tucson. We are hot here and hitting 100...but for Tucson they are running a good 10-15 degrees higher. Add heat coming off of roads and good grief I'm so not sure about that trip. Maybe keep it more local where it may be hot but at least we can get back home quickly.

Come Thursday I have appointment with surgeon to go over the MRI, and I can honestly say that I'm really interested in knowing just what all I did to this knee of mine, and if we really are going to do surgery to correct it. Anyway, I hope that everyone is having a good week so far, and that there is more good just waiting for us all this week.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sibling Sunday

IMG_5824, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Summer vacation is going by very quickly here. There is less than a month till the start of school for Sweetpea and Little Bug, and there just barely over a month till classes start for Binky Sue. But at least we got out for one mini adventure this summer even if it was very short.
Binky Sue has her first meeting as a honorary Lions Club member this week, which she is looking forward to. Sweetpea will be making her senior year back to school clothes shopping trip this week. Thinking about a trip up to one of the Tucson malls for this shopping trip. It is a big deal because I'm making it a big deal and celebrating the end of Army Guys and mine part in having to buy all of the back to school stuff. It's not to say that we won't help after graduation, but let's face it to know that I don't have to buy all of it every year is reason to celebrate even just a little. Little Bug has me worried about doing her back to school shopping, because she is right now in the midst of a growth spurt that seems to have no end. Little Bug is also the one that needs the most major amount of stuff bought because of having worn uniforms for the last three years.
I also have to sit and do the math for registration for the younger girls. The good thing is that they already have their schedules and there is not going to be a three hour wait for Sweetpea to get stuff fixed finally this year. If I sit and figure up all of the fee's in advance I can get them paid for before registration and supposedly that is going to help "stream line" the process. I really don't like when the school uses the phrase "stream line" because their idea of it and my own seem to be very different. To me it would mean less than a hour spent getting it them it means 3-4 hours. Fingers crossed though that this will work out faster.
The strange thing for me about Sweetpea's schedule this year is that there is no art class. After the budget cuts the took out her art teacher of the last three years, she does not want to take art this year. Her replacement class for that however is she is taking photography this year. I'm looking forward to seeing her projects this year.

I think that is it for this Sunday, because I have reached the point where I can not think of anything else. I hope that everyone has enjoyed a great weekend so far and that today is spent with those you care most about. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Feline Friday

Gypsy Rose, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Getting new pictures of any of the animals is still a bit problematic here for me this week, so went into archives again for a picture to use. Other than having this picture on my side bar, I don't think that I ever used it for a post. Miss Gypsy Rose on her first night here in the house, and she immediately made it clear what she thought about me and the camera. She also made it clear that any cat of Binky Sue's would be the one to stick their tongue out at me on a regular basis. Since we are talking about Gypsy here today let's go over all of the changes since she first got here. She still has some great fears of spending to much time with people other than Binky Sue, but she get friendlier with each day. Gypsy seems to be enjoying spending time getting to know Angel, and likes to make it very clear to Angel that she will not be bullied. Spending time with the dogs on the other hand just isn't her thing though. She will stay in the same room with them as long as she has a human to hide beside. When she is out of Binky Sue's room we have to make sure to keep an eye on her because finding a spot to hide is still her first thought, but after she is out for a while she will start to roam and explore. She is bossy with Binky Sue just like any kitty cat should be, and we think that the most major of her fears of being hurt have gone away. Our only worry about her now is with a quickly up coming move having to be made is how will she deal with the change, but we will all do our best to help her through that one when the time gets here.

So it is time to head over and visit Steve and Pickle again this week and see all of the great animals that stop by over there. I hope that everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Simple Thursday Morning

IMG_5803, originally uploaded by torri_g.

A new picture, just wish I knew just what type of plant it is. There were no signs to tell me like out at the San Pedro House, but since this was in the library parking lot I can understand why there are no signs. I mean how many people are out in their parking lot taking pictures of things?

Just a quick post this morning since I'm debating if my knee can handle another day of getting out of the house with the camera and if my panic attacks can handle a day of Binky Sue doing the driving. I hope that everyone has a great Thursday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WARNING!!Dehydrated Tarantula

Dehydrated Tarantula, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I'm feeling less of a complaining mood here tonight because the girls and I got out and had a mini adventure today. What I love about summer with the girls and our outings is that they always find something and yell out "We so need a picture of that Mom!" Seeing as my knee has kept us indoors most of this summer there hasn't been that. Well, until today and our trip out to the public library for Little Bug's AP English summer reading work. Sad thing is that Little Bug still was not able to find what she was looking for, but I got to hear those words yelled out in the parking lot. Yes it is a dead tarantula. Yes it is laying out in the library parking lot. Oh and yes this thing is really probably about as dehydrated as a piece of jerky at this point in time. Yes I'm happy that they spotted it and yelled out for a picture to be taken of the thing. As strange as it is it had done wonders for my mood here today. Of course getting out of the house probably would have done that too, but it is just better this way. After getting some books, and of course the picture in the parking lot, we headed out to the San Pedro House so Sweetpea could see the huge tree out there herself. We wandered around slowly and taking it very easy for Mom with the bum knee, and the girls found several other things to tell me to take pictures of. Tonight I'm paying drastically for it all, but heck I would have been paying for it anyway since there doesn't really seem to be a break from the pain just different levels of it.

I hope that everyone has had a great Wednesday, and I will be back tomorrow with some more new pictures from today's outing. But not until we get back home from driving with Binky Sue and a trip out to Garden Canyon for hopefully some more great photo taking.

Simple Wednesday Morning

IMG_5793, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I promise no rambling or complaining today, just a simple sunset picture from last night. I hope that everyone enjoys a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Need to get out

100_9129, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I know that I'm recycling pictures here now, it hit me after I had uploaded this picture then looked through and saw that I already had it uploaded. I need to pick up the camera, and I need to get out of this house. Only problem with that is after yesterday I'm not so sure that I want to. The complete truth about it is that the more I'm up and moving around the more my knee sends pain ripping through my whole body. Is anyone else tired of the topic of my knee? Because I sure am tired of it. I'm glad that Army Guy had yesterday off and was able to drive us for errand running for Binky Sue, but for the second errand I ended up sitting in the car because when I went to stand up getting out of the car I was hit with pain that sent my whole world spinning. Poor Little Bug's errand got pushed off till today and I'm hoping that I can manage to it done here. A simple thing like a trip to the library has me wondering if my knee can play nice for just a little bit.
Here we are in July and the monsoon rain has been going for a while now, and we have yet to make a trip out to any of the canyon area's to see the wild flowers that are by now in full bloom, or butterfly's that I'm sure are busy sunning themselves along the trails. Oh and let's not forget the humming birds that are along those same trails that could be photographed. Sweetpea would like to head out to the San Pedro House to see the giant tree that I took photo's of a couple of months ago, and maybe take some time to sit and sketch but the whole summer is boiling down to what I can't do with this knee. I've had days where the thought "I am doing it anyway" has gone through my head and then I move just right and my knee locks up and the pain shoots through, and I remember why I can not do it.
Alright enough of me and my complaining. I think this is boiling down to me saying I'm going to do it anyway, and it is probably going to hurt, but the thought of spending another day doing a lot of nothing just isn't an option. I hope that everyone has a great Tuesday, and try to enjoy some time spent with those you love the most.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sibling Sunday

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What can I say about the siblings? It is July and there is about a month left till school starts for Sweetpea and Little Bug. Binky Sue has a little more time till classes start for her. Binky Sue and Little Bug have been going to the pool just about every day since it opened. Sweetpea prefers just going outside for a little bit. We had a very quiet 4th of July here with good food and then out in front of the house to see fireworks from the town display. Yeah we are just that boring. Other than needing to run a few errands for Binky Sue, and Little Bug this week it look like we will have a very slow week. But who knows maybe they will come up with something good before next Sunday.

I hope that everyone has had a great weekend and that there is a good week just waiting for all of us.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

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This flag hangs in the John Slaughter house museum. It has 48 hand sewn stars and was put together just after Arizona became a state.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Feline Friday Time Travel

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It's Friday again and that means time to head over to Steve and Pickles to see all of the great animals that stop by to visit them. But wait I haven't picked up my camera in about a week since I'm in serious pout mode about my knee, the lack of bending directions, and now knowing that I'm going to have to have surgery to repair the damage done to it. Pouting, not picking up the camera to take pictures, what do you do for a Feline Friday post? Well, you go back into your archived photo's and find a great old photo. You don't care if you have used it before, and you really want to find one to bring a smile not only to your pouting face, but to any one else who see's it. Now I understand that in this house the topic of Eclipse still makes several of us upset and feel like crying, but this kitty cat was the very best when it came to letting me take picture of her. As I looked through the last five years of photo's last weekend, it was like finding old treasure that I had just forgotten where I had put it. This picture though made me bust out laughing and call girls out to see it and laugh too. The sticking out of the kitty tongue at the camera was her trademark look. I have tons of pictures with her doing it, but this one is and always will be my favorite. Miss prissy Eclipse sitting on the corner of the table letting me know that while she will sit and pose for the picture, she is sick of me with the camera. A great big raspberry or whatever you want to call it to the world!
Now I don't think that I want to do the sticking out of my tongue to the world, but my knee I think deserves one and so does my pouting mood that I've been in. So what could be better than looking at a picture of a kitty that even though she broke our hearts by leaving us far to soon, made us laugh with her seeming commentary about so many things.

I hope that everyone has a great Friday, and don't forget to stop by and visit Steve and Pickle. Also have a wonderful and safe 4th of July.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I almost forgot to share

I almost forgot to share some new about Binky Sue the "Furwoahsis" (ferocious) Lion! The day after her dinner meeting with them to thank the Lions Club for the scholarship, Binky Sue received a phone call from the secretary of the club. They invited her to be a 2 year honorary member. They found her to be a very refreshing change, and she is the first recipient that they have invited to be a member. Binky Sue did a great job of being humble while on the phone hearing praise from the secretary about what they thought about her and why they wanted to invite her to be a part of their group, but once off the phone her excitement exploded. I'm also pretty sure that most of the people in the house are to the point that if we hear her "I told you I was a furwoahsis lion" one more time there could possibly be bodily harm done to little Binky Sue. Her paper work came this week and was very quickly filled out and mailed back. Binky looks forward to being a part of the club, and working with them. She doesn't care about being the very youngest member, and hopes to be able to do good work while being a part of it. Both Army Guy and I are very proud of Binky Sue, now if we could just get her to stop saying her thing about being a lion.

I hope that everyone has a great Thursday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Morning Time Travel

100_4821Mexican blue jay, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Different trip and different year for this time travel today. Going back to March 2006, and our trip out to Chiricahua National Monument. This day trip was only about a 110 mile drive east of us. Even if you have never been to Arizona odd are that you have seen a picture of the Chiricahua's. The balancing rock is one of the most popular of the volcanic rock formations to be photographed. Unlike Organ Pipe, there are lots of hiking trails out in the Chiricahua's. Easy to "Oh my! What in the world was I thinking?!" There are also lots of natural rock out cropping look out points. Which if you are traveling with my three girls on a very high wind day here, they will make sure to scare the life out of you by standing on the top of the wall. They have several different picnic area's all over the mountains and once again the wildlife is more than willing to join you and help eat whatever it is that you have packed with you for the day. During our trip that day it was the Mexican Blue Jay that felt the need to hang around and watch for anything that might be dropped.
This was also the trip that I realized that even though the girls were older, if you wore them out enough with hiking the trails, they would sleep the whole ride back in the car.

Of course it wasn't just the trip out to the Chiricahua's that day. We had to stop to see "The Thing". Now I can not tell you what "The Thing" actually is because that is why you have to stop and see it for yourself. There was also a stop made at Council Rock just outside of the Cochise Strong hold area that day. A great day trip if you like nature, lots of rocks (which my family does) and things that just can't be explained.

Alright once again enough of the time travel for today. I hope that everyone is enjoying a good week.