Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Because Tomorrow is a New Day

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This is proving to be on heck of a week for some people I know. I keep finding myself at a loss of words to say that will either help, or at the very least cheer them up. But I have tried anyway and will continue to try this week. The best and possibly the corniest thing I have is "Because tomorrow is a new day, and another shot at a good day." My week overall has been good, and I like being there even if it is just the other end of a phone line. The best of my week though came last night talking Mama Bee up in Alaska. Anyone that read my old AOL journal would know the name because while she was pregnant I was always asking for prayers and good thoughts for her for...well for I think just about everything under the sun. Little Man was born in May 2007 and what a journey he has had in such a short time period. The short story is he was born with Spina Bifada and withing just days of being born was flown from Alaska to Childrens Hospital NICU in Phoenix, where at just 8 days old a surgeon did major surgery on his spine. Anyway, over the last year I have posted short quick updates about him. Had lots of times of asking for prayers and tonight this update is just to say thank you to anyone who has read before about him and said a prayer for him and his family. Little Man is just shy of turning two this year, and last week at his Shriners appointment he was given the ultimate 2 year old set up of equipment. A stander, which will allow him to stand and start working on strengthening those little legs of his. A walker to...well I think you can figure that one out. A wheel chair that is just his size to make him mobile and of course in true soon to be 2 year old fashion I'm sure to give Mommy and Daddy a more difficult time of keeping track of just where he is. Little Man also got a new pair of custom tennis shoes to be able to wear with his leg splints. I had a moment while looking at pictures of Little Man today with just about all of his new equipment that made me cry. Not because of all the stuff that he has to use though. Because of knowing just how very much things have changed from what Mama and Dada Bee were told about their unborn Little Man and then in the days just after he was born what they were told. I don't care what any one person believes, or if they believe at all...but there are times in this world you get the chance to see things that are nothing short of miracles. Now they still are not saying that Little Man will ever be able to walk with out aid of some type of equipment, but this little guy has already done more, and gone further than anyone ever thought. He moves things he wasn't supposed to be able to, he feels things that no one thought he ever would. He is learning and growing like any other "normal" child born on the same day as him even though there was talk about a possibility that he wouldn't. So from Mama Bee, Daddy Bee, Little Man Bee and myself...Thank you for any prayers, any good thoughts, any hopes of swift doctors hands or whatever the case maybe. I don't think Little Man is anywhere close to being done yet though, and I'm sure that we will all be blown away by just how far he goes.

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