Saturday, January 3, 2009

Closing notes

Post it notes, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Well, 5:00 am has finally rolled around here in Arizona. Both of the big girls are off to bed for their two hours of sleep before having to be woke up to do one more round of testing. Army Guy is up early to assist Little Bug in the wake up process.(Yeah I'm a little worried about the safety and well being of Little Bug right now.) They made it through though and without me really having to wake them at any point in time. Not without A LOT of complaining and plotting on their parts though. I don't think there is a topic that I haven't heard a complaint about since midnight.

Hmm...since my own brain just completely stopped mid thought, I think before I collapse it is time for me to head to bed and avoid the 7:00 am complain athon that I'm sure is going to take place. Everyone have a great Saturday and I'll be back once I have recovered from playing my role in the science fair project.

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