Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sibling Sunday

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The first week back to school and a quiet house for me. Well, we already know just how I spent my week, so let's talk about the siblings. Binky Sue had to go to student services because some how over the two week break, she forgot not only her combination but just which locker was her's! Yet another trip to her counselor was made to make yet another change to her schedule, and I'm pretty sure that the counselor now has Binky Sue's picture up with a do not allow in office sign. Binky Sue come Friday had the report card that Sweetpea really dislikes her for. You know the one with all A's! Sweetpea tried to talk me into giving a lecture for all A's, but for the life of me I just can not come up with a good reason for it.

Sweetpea's week was pretty good for the most part. At least she could remember her locker number and the combination. Her report card was not bad really. Her final semester grades looked better than her end of second quarter grades. It was kind of like singing " A, B, C, D..." Semester final grades at least stopped at C, so she got the look and a little bit of a talk. Mostly for asking Binky Sue for help in French class, which since Binky Sue has never taken a french class, really makes no sense to me at all.(Why Binky Sue would help with French makes even less sense to me though.) Lecture was light for Sweetpea basically though, just a reminder that the teachers really do like to have that homework stuff turned in no matter what she thinks about it.

Little Bug probably had the best week of the three. No report cards this week, they come out on the 14th. Accorrding to her 8th grade is the best grade to be in because it is just so easy. Hopefully after we see report card this week, she will still be saying the same thing. On the health front for Little Bug, she has been depakote free for 18 days now and is doing great! We have seen some real changes with her in the last couple of weeks since the final dropping of the medication. I have even seen less headaches/migraines with her so seems like the perfect right choice was made.(Excuse me while I happy dance around the house a time or three!!) I will say this though...when you get a phone call from the school nurse about mid week just because she is missing talking to you, it might be time for both of us to get to a support group for some help.

Alright that is about all for this Sibling Sunday. I hope that everyone has had a great weekend.

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