Thursday, January 29, 2009

Even the Injured Must be Cute

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Oh look someone is injured in my house. WAIT! It isn't just someone, it is Little Bug! Wow what a huge surprise! NOT!
Alright I'm done with the sarcasm for this post. Little Bug isn't broken, just kind of bruised, cut up and sprained. There is a split wrap under the tape, but the tape is the cutest stuff I have ever seen. Of course since pink and purple are Little Bugs favorite colors she isn't complaining about it. What she is upset about is that she was in reading class and learning about irony today, and her best friend is on crutches for a tendon injury, and Little Bug was trying to get up to help her to the next class when her foot got stuck in a bar and weight of backpack tipped to far. Through her tears of pain in the nurses office she kept telling me that she protected her head with her left arm to keep from taking a blow to the head. We have agreed that she probably should have used both arms to cover her head and maybe that right arm of her's would be in such shape tonight. Instead her right arm went out to try and stop her fall. In the process it got smashed down on a desk and then into the floor with all of her weight coming down on it.
Not to sound sick or anything but my happy moment of the day was finding out about a new clinic in town for urgent care issues. Instead of a 6-8 hour wait in the local ER which we have spent far to many hours in. We were sent to the new clinic and were in and out in less than an hour! I don't think I have been so happy about something in a long time.

I hope that everyone has had a good Thursday, and that tomorrow is filled with good things. Now excuse me while I look at finding bubble wrap to wrap my little girl Crash in.

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