Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The start of a new generation

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Last night brought the phone call that my niece was in labor and heading to the hospital. The wee hours of the morning brought the phone call that little baby boy C was born at 2:18 am, weighing 8 pounds 5 ounce, and 21 inches long. My niece and her baby boy are both doing well, and new Great Grandma K is so very excited and can not wait to make the trip to the hospital this after noon after work. Her camera batteries are charged up and she is more than ready to take a million pictures of the new little guy. My sister took a quick picture with her cell phone of baby, which I'm sorry I'm not sharing on my blog here, but I try to stick with making sure I have permission or it is one of my own photo's. Take my word for it though...he is beautiful and just oh so very perfect!

Listening to my Mom for a good hour this morning as the ups and downs of all the emotions of this next generation from her starts has left me feeling so very thankful. There are so many things about my Mom that admire, and on days like today listening to her it seems like there is even more. Life has been hard on her since she was a child, and to hear talk about it sometimes makes me want to cry. No child should ever wonder if they are loved, and no child should ever be told that maybe they weren't. Mom you made the choice to be better, to try harder, to love more than anyone probably ever showed you how to be. From you a fourth generation is started, and I don't think you have to fear that this baby won't know that he is very loved. I think just the story about everyone being up in the wee hours of the morning talking about his arrival would be a good start of telling him just how much he is loved. If he were to be told about his great grandmother falling asleep while praying for his safe arrival, and saying prayers for a life filled with love upon hearing of his birth...this little guy would know he is loved.

I know this entry may be rambling and just painful for anyone to try and get through. Just my way I guess of sharing little bits of things without going to far into any real detail about those things. Plus my brain is working on an hour and a half of sleep right now which is just never such a great thing. So I think wrapping this up with a big welcome to the family baby boy would be the best thing to say. Oh and to point out how very much we all love you little one.

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