Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why siblings shouldn't make siblings a science project

Upset Siblings, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Wee hours of the morning here and things are getting a little touchy in this house. Binky Sue and Sweetpea are Little Bugs science fair project. Sleep deprivation is the name of the game here tonight, with hourly tests being given. To save Little Bugs life Mom is taking the late night shift since I have practice with doing sleep depriving of children.(Four years of sleep deprived EEG's for Little Bug and the epilepsy.) Both of the girls are doing pretty good and the count down till they get to get two hours of sleep is on. To help kill the time instead of hurting their baby sister I'm going to get them to draw notes letting everyone know how they feel about this. We are also taping them up to Mom's computer desk so that it will be very clear to Little Bug just how the night has gone. I think come 5:00 am I will post a picture of the next couple of hour's notes before heading to bed myself finally.

Keep Little Bug in your thoughts that she makes it through this weekend. I have heard some talk from the big girls about suffering and pay back.

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