Sunday, May 23, 2010


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Look a picture! Of course it is one that is off on my cell phone, but that is because I haven't bothered to download the pictures off of the card in the camera. Oh wait I would have to have more than just a few minutes of time to get that done, and that is not something that I have had and probably won't till after this week is done. It is time for the last week of school and the build up to graduation this week. I will be spending tons of time in my car this week transporting or picking up at so many different times I'm not even sure if I will be able to keep it straight. Even hubby dear has some assigned times for driving because no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't figure out how to be in two places at once.
Today however, I'm going to take time to be like this little lizard and just sit and soak up some sun and chill. Well other than getting laundry, cleaning and dinner done. Okay for the most part I'm going to try and have a semi lazy kind of day, which most of my lazy time will probably be right now sitting out on the patio with hubby, laptops and cups of coffee.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful lazy as can be Sunday.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well for anyone that is waiting the news is that by Wednesday of this week we found out grades for Paige and she will be walking with her class next Thursday! I have no idea how she did it, or the even better question to be answered of why she would have created the problem to being with, but she pulled that grade up and passed! Yesterday was her last day of school, and now all that remains is three rehearsals and a graduation. I can honestly just about happier than she was heading into the school yesterday. The thought that I no longer have to try to convince her that this is important or that just because she feels the need to mess with a teachers mind she doesn't get to is the best for me right now. Today I will make yet another attempt to get a cap and gown photo of her and see about finishing one last graduation project.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Keep Trying

I keep trying to get back into the routine of posting pictures and small entries here, but life just has been keeping me so very busy. Running kids here, there and every where...rapidly approaching the end of yet another school year and all the chaos that brings. Riding lessons, work schedules, printing projects, announcements, and the list continues. In the last couple of weeks it seems that Sunday morning and bringing my laptop out to the back patio is about the only time I am actually sitting down at a computer anymore. So even without any picture for today how about an update.

Todd- Work is going fine and he is coming up on another TDY trip here quickly. I think this time it will be GA but I honestly would have to look at the schedule to be sure about that. He had a good 46th birthday this week, and enjoyed all of the gifts that the girls and I got for him. His netbook will make traveling with computer much easier come June and I'm blown away by how small yet powerful that tiny little thing is.

Stephanie or Binky Sue- She finished her freshman year of college this week and by Friday she had a second job. She is juggling riding lessons, 2 jobs, and driving lessons for the summer vacation and I hopefully I will get to see her every now and then for a meal.

Paige or Sweetpea- The final countdown is on as of tomorrow with only 5 more days of school left for her. I still need to shoot a cap and gown portrait of her and put together the last of my printing projects for her senior year. Paige let her grade fall in the third quarter in a major needed class and will be sweating this week to hear if all of her hard work paid off or not. Graduation is on the line and there has been a major lesson learned and I got to hear the words "Mom you were right". I can honestly say this is one time and one thing that I would have rather not been right about, but hopefully it is something that she will not forget. I have done everything for her with the thought that if she pulls this off I'm going to be yelling at the top of my lungs "Thank goodness I'm done!"

Cheyenne or Little Bug- She is another one that is trying to keep me trapped in my car for endless hours but other than that there isn't all that much. She is already looking forward to her sophomore year and we haven't even hit the end of her freshman year. She has already made changes to her schedule for next year and hopefully come registration time she won't feel the need to make even more.

Me? Well I'm stilling trying to take over the world via spending as much time in my car as possible. Still thinking about adding a coffee maker and small fridge in there since I always seem to be in it. :) Life is good and very busy but I'm hoping for some down time coming up here and maybe some real time to grab that long neglected camera of mine and shoot some pictures.

I hope that everyone is enjoying a great weekend and I'll keep trying to get back into some kind of regular posting.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sibling Sunday

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If I can't get a picture of all three of the girls together I can at least go with the next best thing...a picture of stuff that belongs to them.

It has been a good while since I did a sibling Sunday post and as we draw near to the end of another school year and I'm supposed to be sitting working on printing senior portraits, what better way to blow that off than to sit here typing up an entry instead.
If things are straight in my mind, which heaven knows the odds of that aren't very likely, this should be Binky Sue's last week of classes. She has had a great first year but is very much looking forward to having the summer off to focus on things like working more. Binky Sue has been doing driving lessons, and horse back riding lessons so I guess one way or another she is going to become self transporting here this summer.

Sweetpea is glad that the final stretch for senior year is in sight now. Actually I think she would love for it to be done today instead of still having a couple of weeks to go. Since this semester has proven to be a bit of a battle with Sweetpea we aren't doing any type of push asking what is in store for after graduation...we just want to see the graduation and then work our way from there. Sweetpea is loving her horseback riding lessons and can't wait for summer and is hoping to be able to have more time to spend with the horses.

Little Bug is still doing great with school and is already looking forward to next school year when her older sister won't be at the school anymore. She joined DECA and is seeing just how much she can add to my already full daily calendar, but I'm happy that summer vacation will be here soon so that can stop for a little while. Little Bug will get to start her riding lessons coming up here soon if all goes well.

I really don't have to much more to report for the girls other than I can't wait for summer vacation this year just so I don't have to keep living in my car on a daily basis! I hope that everyone has a wonderful Sunday with those you love, and I can't wait for hubby to get back home here tonight from his TDY. Everyone take care and I will try to be back with more pictures this week.