Friday, January 23, 2009

Peek-a-boo Puff

Peek-a-boo Puff, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Normally I don't make two posts for Feline & Furball Friday, but I'm going to this week. In the birds cages they have something called a "cozy". They hang up and give the birds a shelter of sorts to sleep in and be surrounded by the warm fuzziness that it is. Puff is on her second one since June. Her first one she just had to chew an escape hatch in the side of it and of course chew through the hangers on top. It was funny to see her running through her cage and using the side escape hatch to cut through even quicker. With her second one though I'm laughing even harder about the antics. She has chewed a hole through the top of the two layers that make the bottom of the cozy. Why? Well so she can crawl in between the layers and sleep in there like she is tucked into bed. She also seems to like playing peek-a-boo with me from inside of it. Today I was calling her name and I would see the cozy bouncing around and hear her making sounds. Call her name again, and hear chirping. Call her name a third time and out her head would pop from the hole in the bottom real quick with a chipper squawk, and then real fast back in the hole to do it all over again. When I would stop calling her name and walk away she would come out to give me her typical birdie scolding of "how dare you". When I would walk back over to the cage calling her name, the game would start all over again. My Puff loves playing peek-a-boo and I'm just glad that I was fast enough with the camera to capture her sticking her head out.

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Suzanne R said...

She sounds so very cute, with her cozy and the games she plays in it and with you! Great shot!