Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Approach carefully!

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Only in my head can a simple task like cleaning my desk turn into a full scale tear apart, scrub down, rearrange, deconstruct an entire room, and still have a desk to clean, happen.(Not real sure about that being a proper sentence but right now it will just have to do.) I'm debating stopping for the night, but I really would like to see my desk at least in a finally clean state before bed time tonight. It wouldn't take all that long since I'm just to the point of needing to put everything back in place.

This is probably just the start of this wild woman clean and purge that seems to come after the holidays are over. Just hope that the rest of the family can hang on for the ride of this. I have already heard the comments about "So what will we find here tomorrow Mom?" "Oh No! She is doing it again!" The list goes on and on but I will spare you all of them. It is full scale spring cleaning in January...I don't like waiting till the last minute to start working on it. So while visiting here the next couple of days just be careful because who knows what all will end up getting moved in this massive clean and organization spree that I'm on.

I hope that everyone has had a good Wednesday, and that visiting my blog didn't cause to much of a sneezing attack because boy is there some real dust in the air in this house tonight.

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