Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to spend a beautiful Friday morning

Montazuma Pass Look out area, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Yesterday was a beautiful, perfect day here in my part of Arizona. Actually I think all of Arizona probably had a beautiful day yesterday, Army Guy had the day off, so we started with some small errand running. A stop at the only camera shop in town to talk about lens, and possibly camera cleaning. Got some great suggestions about things to try and what to do next if those things don't work. Army Guy wandered the shop while I talked to the owner and found caps that I needed. Again YAY for my Army Guy! Then off to the feed store to pick up food for kitty cats, which was then the end of the errands for the day. So what do you do next? It is a beautiful day, and who really wants to sit at home doing either chores or nothing at all? So we headed out towards the canyons. Some how in the four years of living here I have never been up into Ash Canyon. Wait a minute that isn't all that surprising because there are lots of canyon area's here that I have yet to make it up into. I spotted a lot of new area's to head out to for photographing come March, April time frame when our desert area starts it's yearly bloom, and maybe a trip back out before then because of all of the different birds that I saw up in the area. After Ash Canyon, we headed out to the Coronado National Monument, and up the mountain to the Montezuma Pass look out. Took lots of pictures of the view looking back into Arizona and the the side that looks down into the not so distant Mexico. Lots of cane cholla cactus pictures, and just about had a picture of a persistent bee that just would not leave me alone. Only bad part of the day for me was having to clean up pictures in editing because of using the lens that I swear I just can not get cleaned up. Tried for the first time a C-P-L filter and loved the blue effects of the sky that I got from using it. Darkened up the rest of the landscape a bit to much, but I'm happy with my first time using it. Best thing is I now have some new outdoor picture's to share here.

I hope that everyone has a great Saturday, and let's do some major cheering for the Arizona Cardinals because I so would love to see them make it to the Super Bowl this year.

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