Monday, January 26, 2009

Dawn's very early light

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If it is possible to predict a week based on Sunday night, then this is going to be a very strange and long week, that is going to leave people in my house very tired. By 10:30 pm on Sunday nights, everyone but me is sleeping. Last night was not an exception to that, till Army Guys cell phone rang. The reason doesn't matter, but what it triggered was nothing short of comical. Army Guy had to get up and dressed and head into work, and with the opening and closing of the front door it triggered girls waking up but of course they didn't come out of their rooms at the same time. As I stood in the hall way and explained twice that;

"Yes, Daddy just left to go to work."

"No, it isn't morning yet"

"Yes, you should climb back in bed now."

"No, I'm sure it isn't morning yet."

"Yes, it is okay if you go back to sleep"

I'm just glad that I didn't have to to the comical routine three times in as we neared 11:00 pm. This morning knowing that he was up very late, when his alarm went off I woke up. I'm not really sure that he was understanding the questions that I was asking him at 0430, but I'm hoping that at least one answer I got from him was correct. "What time do you need to be into the office this morning?" I have tried to keep girls getting ready for school as quiet as humanly possible here this morning. Bigger issue is keeping animals quiet at this hour of the day. Hopefully his reply of by 10 is accurate, because I have no intentions of waking him till about 0900. If it was wrong...well I guess they know how to get a hold of him via his cell phone and wake him up yet again.

I hope that everyone has a good Monday, and that this week isn't one that leaves us all drug out tired.

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