Thursday, December 18, 2008

To distracted and no time

100_9983, originally uploaded by torri_g.

How is it possible that there are only six days left till Christmas? What happened to the last two days? Oh wait, run here, run there, surprise have to run to this place, opps surprise have to run to that place is where it has gone. Throw in there a small heaping of probably a million other good excuse I could come up with...better yet let's not. Good news is that once girls get done tomorrow with school, they are on break till the new year. I'm going to need my Sweetpea to start doing some real kicks to my behind to get me making the final push to get things done here.

Alright since I'm sitting here humming a song from the Grinch movie I think it is time to break out the post it notes and make the "To Do" list and try to stop being so distracted and get something done! I hope that everyone had a good Thursday, and see you tomorrow with another Feline, Furball Friday Christmas countdown entry.

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