Monday, December 22, 2008

Making even the little things matter

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Here we are two days and about 15 hours away from it being Christmas, and I think I may have finally figured out why I've had a difficult time holding onto that Christmas joy of mine. Because every time I have found it, I seen or heard something else that just make me feel sad. Every year there are stories about things that make me feel sad, but this year there just seems to be so much more and it isn't from the news but from people around me. People who's jobs have been down sized so much in the last couple of months that trying to make ends meet is requiring a second job to third job and a draining of savings. Parents turning their backs and a blind eye to their children and their needs because of hatred toward the other parent. I'm sure it is really getting even with the parent that you hate when you keep the basic needs away from the children.

I know these are things that happen every day of the year, and they are things that make me sad year round. But during Christmas it seems to hurt more. When a little boy takes a home made cookie and hold on to it like it is the best thing that he has ever been given, it hurts my heart. When a single Dad and his sons get excited about a left over meal that's not even a complete meal, it hurts my heart. When a Father of boy that is your daughters friend gives me a hug and thanks me for doing so much for them and for being so kind to hurts my heart. It hurts because I want to do more. It hurts because I will never understand how a Mother can turn her back oh her children, just because of hatred for their Father.
It's not just during the holidays that people should care, it should be year round, and I know there are a lot of things going on right now that possibly no one could ever do enough to help with. But if we pay close enough attention there are many little things that all of us can to do that will matter a great deal to those we do it for.

I hope that everyone has a great Monday, and share some home made baked goods with someone, you might be amazed by the appreciation you receive for it.

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