Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lights, lights, lights!

100_9958, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Here we are eleven days till Christmas and my frustration with lights just keeps growing. The new tree that Sweetpea and I bought came pre-lit with lights, but since we all like the lights so much, we put on two other strands. Now like anyone else, I checked them before we put them on the tree, and they worked! To bad later that night when we plugged the lights in those two strands would not work. Fast forward this week to Tuesday while I was working on the village set ups and once again lights worked before being put up but didn't work after set up was done. I've had it with lights! Tonight though was the very best of all...Sweetpea wanted to plug in the lights for the tree and sure enough those two strands that would not turn on flipping turned on and sparkled like never before! Yep...I've had it with lights!!

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