Saturday, December 27, 2008

Morning Rainbow to Afternoon Snow

IMG_0555, originally uploaded by torri_g.

The storm that we had been hearing about since Wednesday finally rolled into town yesterday. We started the morning off with a rainbow and just went from there with it. Sprinkles, heavy rain, lots and lots of wind, partly clear skies with a little bit of sunshine, and a temperature that spent a good share of the day jumping 5-10 degrees in different directions. By late afternoon though the temperature made up it's mind to go down and stay there, right around the 36 degree mark. So soon the rain became snow that went for a couple of hours. We don't have any accumulation of it. We do however have a good share of ice on things though since we went down into freezing temperatures over night and are still hanging out there so far this morning. Two of the three girls were happy to see the snow falling, and were hoping for a lot of it to stick. I'm just happy that the winds that had been sustained at 20 plus mph finally have died. I'm also hoping to see the sunshine again here soon because it has been to gray for to many days now.

I hope that everyone has a good Saturday. Stay safe and warm.

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