Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sibling Sunday...Trying to make it look like Christmas

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I'm very slow moving when it comes to Christmas decorating. To be honest if it were not for Sweetpea and the never ending questions about when are you going to pull the stuff out, I'm not so sure that I would ever get around to getting it done. Don't get me wrong, I do love Christmas and the meaning behind the holiday. I don't care for the piles upon piles of insane decorations that seem to be the standard anymore. I really don't care for the rudeness that seems to come out of people during lead up to the holiday. The race for that hot item of the year that realistically a child's life will not end if they don't get it. Every year those things seem to be what I notice more and more, and every year it gets more difficult for me to find my holiday excitement.

This year even though I'm slowly getting there, I'm so happy to have my Sweetpea pushing me along through it. To listen to her talk about why it is her favorite holiday, and not hear that it is because of this gift or that gift, but because of special memories made me feel better and seemed to spark the urge to get this house looking like Christmas is near. Sweetpea and I had to start this decorating with making a trip out for a new tree. After a comment about needing duct tape and hammer from Sweetpea while putting the old tree up last year, it went out to the trash when it came done. Sweetpea was very excited about being the one that was going to be picking out the new tree, and had tons of fun making me wander the whole store picking up different odds and ends for decorating this year. Sweetpea's biggest excitement though is because she has been put in charge of the layout for decorating this year. Binky Sue, Little Bug and myself will be her crew, and is there anything better than getting to be the boss of everyone?

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend, and that with 17 days left till Christmas, we all find that much needed holiday spirit to get through everything that needs to be done.

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