Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is it really 15 days till Christmas?

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I really need to finish decorating this house so I at least have something to take pictures of. Until then I'm starting my Christmas countdown with pictures pulled from archives of Christmas 2007. Heck I may even end up writing an entry much like one posted a year ago about this picture. This little angel is one of the oldest angels in the house, and the only one that I'm willing to risk putting on the tree every year. The couple of angels that I have from Army Guys Grandma H, even though I could hang them I'm to afraid of them getting broken. This little angel was made by my mother when she was a child and I think she was the cause of my love for collecting angels. She probably needs a wing make over at this point in time because this little one has traveled miles and spent many a Christmas perched within the branches of several different tress. For most people it is the placing of the tree topper that signals the completion of the tree, but in my house it is when this tiny little angel finds her spot. For me she carries memories of all of my past Christmases, and every year when I take her from her "rest of the year" sitting place and find just the right spot for her on the tree there is a smile comes to my face because of those memories.

Alright the countdown has started and I challenge everyone who reads during the countdown to leave comments sharing about the topic for each of the days. So today would be what is the oldest ornament that comes out in your house during Christmas? If you want you could post an entry on your own blog and stop long enough to leave me a link so I can read it. I hope that everyone is having a good week and staying warm.

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