Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Say Cheese!

101_0002, originally uploaded by torri_g. days till Christmas left! I didn't get around to taking pictures of much of anything other than my new favorite ornament. Of course while taking a picture of it I had to listen to Army Guy and his comments of it being like a photographer taking a picture of another photographer, but it was worth it. This ornament came in a box, and as soon as my girls saw it they all screamed out "That is so you Mom!" I'm thinking I like this little guy enough to find him a year round spot on my desk after Christmas decorations have been packed up and put away. I think on the shelf with my camera's will be the perfect spot! Since it doesn't have a hanger it gets to sit on top of the television facing out at everyone like they are non stop posing for the camera. I just have to say I LOVE THIS ORNAMENT!

Okay, now that I got that out of my system for the day finally...the real question is have you found or received a new ornament that you just so love? Even better question is how ready are you for the holiday? Binky Sue and Sweetpea went with me to the store today and we managed to find all of our baking supplies, so maybe tomorrow after school we may start the cookie baking marathon. Before heading out to the store today I took some time to look up a recipe for a desert for Little Bug to make for our Christmas dinner since she kept asking for one thing to cook all by herself. Since I know her sister's and Daddy read here I'm not going to share the secret of just what we will be having for dessert, but I'm sure my Little Bug will do a great job of baking it.

I hope that everyone had a good Wednesday, and I will be back to continue the countdown tomorrow.

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