Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Construction Area

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Here we are fourteen days left till Christmas, and my living room is still under construction, or maybe it should be declared a disaster area. It hit me while talking to a friend that it is the perfect topic for today's post. Usually I can't deal with this type of box mess. I mean I'm the woman who with each move we have made with the military in the last 19 years, has become obsessed about getting a whole house unpacked and set up in a few days as possible. Yet this collection of boxes have been sitting in the living room since Sunday. They keep having to be moved from place to place and one would think that would make me want to finish this project, but sadly that just isn't the case here. I'm starting to think that I'll be fine living with the mess and just call it my style for decorating this year. It is after all quicker and easier and hey all the stuff is out!

So my question of the day is what does your mess look like? Do you have plastic containers or are you a card board box kind of person? Does it take you days of having a small construction zone in your house, or have you been able to get it done the same day you started?

I hope that everyone is having a good Wednesday, and I'm really hoping that come tomorrow installment that I will finally have pictures of a completed decoration project.

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