Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

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We are just a little over 15 hours away from Christmas here in Arizona. Today is going to be a full day spent in the kitchen here. Sugar cookies to be baked and decorated, dinner for tonight, meals for tomorrow to do some pre-prep work on. Army Guy is going to need to get some sleep today since they forgot to tell him that he had staff duty last night. Actually they forgot so well, that he didn't get a phone call till two hours of the duty had passed! I'm wondering if it will be possible today to keep the girls even semi quiet for him to be able to get some sleep. Those presents under the tree seem to be screaming out to them very loudly since last night. Sweetpea and Little Bug have their game plan set for sleeping tonight. Yes, they actually set up a game plan for sleeping on Christmas Eve. They have a yearly tradition of doing a slumber party with just the two of them. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning they will wake up and be out looking at the tree and the gifts trying to keep themselves from waking everyone else up. Sweetpea will tell Little Bug stories of...well we really just aren't sure of what, because they are not shared with the rest of us. I know for as long as I can remember with these two, I will get up because of hearing little sounds being made and find them sitting together in front of the tree. Sweetpea will have her arm around Little Bug and Little Bug will have her head laying on her older sister shoulder. The conversation will be far to quiet to hear, but I get to enjoy quietly watching the scene. At least until they realize that I'm awake and start asking if they can wake everyone else up!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve. Stay safe, stay warm, laugh a lot, and enjoy the moments spent with those you love.

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