Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Sibling Sunday of 2008

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Since the end of the year is closing in on us very quickly, I figured the best thing for this sibling Sunday post would to have each girl sit down and share their best moments of the year with you and some things that they are each looking forward to in 2009. Usually I ask them to write it down for me but I'm going to give them the keyboard and let them tell you on their own. Going from left to right with the photo, so that means Little Bug is up first.

Hi! I'm Chey a.k.a Little Bug your most favorite character of all! Well, my most favorite part of 2008 was when we went up to the Grand Canyon with my Grandma and Grandpa K. I also liked when we got Puff one of our birds. I liked entering the 8th grade. I really enjoyed that I turned 13 this year, and reached my turn to be a teenager. I'm glad that I finally got off of my Depakote and that I'm going into 2009 being epilepsy free!
I'm looking forward to my Daddy retiring in 2009. I'm kind of happy about my sister Binky Sue graduating but not totally. But I am really happy that in June I will have my very last appointment with my doctor is Tucson. I'm also looking forward to starting my freshman year in high school. Oh and of course I'm looking forward to my next birthday because that will put me within two years of being able to drive! I so can't wait for that!
So this is my list of the best of this year, and the soon to come for next year.
Have a Happy New Year!
Little Bug

Hey Everyone! This is Sweetpea the super quite lovable character here. Well, let's see where to being. Since Mom just gave this to me I'm kind of at a loss as to what to say. I've had a year with a lot of free time on my hands, and I guess that is a good thing unless you think that means that I have no life. Going to the Grand Canyon for my sweet sixteen was an awesome thing. I like the fact that I'm actually passing in math this year. Getting my back to school make over was good. I'm thrilled that finals are over for this year and that odds are I only maybe flunked one out of six. Okay, okay...I know there will be more finals at the end of the school year, but that is 2009!
I'm looking forward to getting a pet lizard, which apparently in this household will be oh say....NEVER! Pretty much because all of the girls of this house act like big babies because of what a lizard would have to eat. I'm hoping to actually surviving French class and maybe learning how to speak English sometime this year. (Despite the fact that English is my first and only language that I'm supposed to be able to speak.) I'm also hoping that in 2009 my art teacher will finally start giving me back my projects that I keep pestering him about. I'm also hoping that I don't make anything as disturbing as most of my fellow art students. I'm still debating if I'm looking forward to my senior year or not. Probably best to just focus on getting through this year.

Everyone have a Happy New Year!

Sup! Dis is Binky Sue in da house! No that isn't really how I talk, I'm just trying to get into character and make everyone laugh. I want a title like my sister did for themselves but Mom said I had to keep this clean or be edited so how about *Beep* girl? Mom calls me smarty pants a.k.a. smart *beep*. I know...I'm the best funny character here on this blog! Alright now that I'm done with that let me see if I can think of anything else to type. Last year in 2k8 was quite interesting. I like how I scared my family when I told them I passed all my classes with A's. Especially in Algebra 2 and Physics. I don't see why she had so much of an issue with me taking those two classes at once in two consecutive hours I mean Sheeh. I found it funny when my own mother told me to have more fun. She was kinda against the whole Precal/Trig and chemistry. She usually gives my siblings a lecture about grades or don't be so sick as much *coughs*fakers*coughs*. But I get the lecture of "you have to have more fun" speech. There were lotz of funny moments from last year. Now I don't know if I made any of my new years resolutions. I made a list that was quite long but I lost it. What am I looking forward to next year? *thinks* Nothing...

That's right! NOTHING! I don't wanna grow up. I don't wanna go to collage and pay for it. For me to pay for it I have to find a stable job. I don't wanna get a stable job. I'll be a freaken legal 18. There is nothing to look forward to with 18. All that I am able to do is to go to movies that are rated 18 yrs or older.
(Huge rambling smarty pants rant edited out by Mom the owner of this blog. Binky Sue had been warned in advance I just didn't really think that I would have to use it. I will let it continue where she took it back to not so rant like in nature.) Never mind. I don't want an answer from any of you. No offense. Well I think my thing is long enough. Sorry for boring all of you attempting to read this. I don't wanna go out to the world. Whoever came up with "It's a Small World" was very very very very HIGH!

See ya,
Binky Sue.

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