Tuesday, December 16, 2008


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Eight days left till Christmas and after talking to family today and hearing about the snow falling back home in Nebraska and Iowa, I figured pictures of the only snowmen this house will see would be perfect. The picture isn't all that great, but I haven't really taken the right amount of time to do great photo's here the last couple of days. However, being inspired by an ornament that was a gift, I'm hoping to actually break out the tripod tomorrow and get some great photo's taken of the decorations. That or get out and get some pictures of the snow on the mountains around us. There is talk that we could be seeing some snow fall down here in the valley area's sometime this week.

So...is everyone ready for Christmas yet? All shopping done? Presents wrapped? Treats baked? I'm suddenly picking up steam and making real progress in the right direction for this. Tomorrow is grocery shopping trip for the rest of the month, and I sat down last night with cookbooks to make sure that I had all things for baking on the list. The girls start half days tomorrow and run through Friday, so I'm still thinking about starting the baking come this weekend since the girls have finals and were already upset with me for wrapping so many of the gifts myself today.

I hope that everyone is had a good Tuesday, and everyone stay warm and safe if there is snowy cold weather near you, and if you are someplace warmer get out and enjoy.

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