Monday, December 8, 2008

Cloudy Cold Monday Morning

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I guess it is time for more of our "winter" type weather to start rolling in. I mean we have been pretty spoiled the last several weeks here in Arizona. Beautiful sunshine filled days with temperatures in the low to mid 70's. I'm not going to get into a debate with anyone about what cold is, because cold is based on where you live, and I live in the state of Arizona so cold to me is anything under 60. This morning with the wind blowing it is making the wind chill feel like 45 degrees and my only thought while out with the dogs was "I wish I had pulled my winter coat out of the closet to put on instead!"

I'm loving the colors of the day here though. Pretty blue sky, when it can peak through the cloud cover. Clouds of bright fluffy white and various levels of gray. Plus the specks of remaining green mixed with the mostly brown of grass of yards and field area's. We have rain, we have wind, and we have cold. I guess I should start giving some thought to turning the furnace on here soon. Although I have completely enjoyed turning the AC off in October and not having to run anything. Like I said we have been very spoiled this year.

I hope that the week is off to a good start for everyone. The quest to make it look more like Christmas time in my house continues today, and my annual 15 day count down till Christmas posting should get started tomorrow...if I can figure out what I'm doing with it this year.

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