Friday, December 12, 2008

A kitty cat letter to Santa

Yuck! Cat Food?, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Dear Santa,
My name is Eclipse a.k.a. Miss Fuzzy Pants, and I have heard talk that you are the man to go to with requests for things during this holiday season. Now I know that I have never written to you in the past 4 years, but I was giving my Mom every opportunity to do right by me. However since she is failing horribly I feel the need to take this to a new level. First I would like to make sure that Mom is on your naughty list that I have heard so much talk about. Because Santa, she is just about as bad as they get! She expects me to eat cat food! I know you are probably shocked by that, but it is very true. That isn't all though Santa, and you should probably be sitting down to read the rest of this. She will not let me climb the Christmas tree, she will not let me roll around in the Christmas village, she will not let me chew on the garland that is hung, she will not let me eat candy, she will not let play on the stove top, she will not let me eat people food of any kind! Santa, I feel these are all things that you should know about, and you should make sure that she doesn't receive any gifts because of her very naughty behavior this year.
I know this may sound like I'm being a tattle tale, but I think it is for her own good. I'm not looking for anything for myself here, but if you would like to leave me some treats I would not turn them down. I personally love cookies, candies, breads of any kind (even though they say I have a grain allergy). I say the reason I get sick is just so I can leave gifts for my humans, Mom just seems to have this horrible reaction to it. I think maybe she doesn't really understand the whole thing about it isn't the gift it is the thought that counts.
Anyway Santa, I just wanted to let you know these things because I'm sure that they will affect your decision on just what to bring to her.

Sincerely yours,
Eclipse the sweet kitty cat

P.S. I feel I just need to mention that I've heard talk about leaving milk and cookies out for you and if that happens I'm going to have to take my fair share of it first. Don't worry though I will leave you a gift in return.
Oh and one more thing Santa...could you please take that stupid spray water bottle of Mom's away during your visit here to the house this year? Angel and I think that it is the kitty abuse and we have been unable to get rid of the thing. So if you could take it back to the North Pole with you that would be great! Thanks in advance Santa!

Now for everyone else reading my public letter to Santa, it is 12 days till Christmas, it is Friday, and that means time to head over to visit my friend Pickle. (I wonder if his human lets him eat all the things that he wants?) Feline and Furball Friday time, so head over and check out all of my fellow animals. If you want to play along all you have to do is get your human to take a picture of you, help them post it, and then make them leave a link in comments. Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to my quest to get human food, and trying to make that stupid spray bottle either disappear or break!

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Suzanne R said...

That is the most poignant kitty Christmas letter to Santa I have ever read! (Also, the only one! LOL!) Very cute, Theresa!

My link is:

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Great photo, even better letter!