Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sibling Sunday Ten Days Till Christmas

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This year's countdown is just flying by. Ten days left and I just finished the decorating and have yet to move on to the baking? I'm thinking I will be ready for Christmas come say...February!

The girls are ready for it to be Christmas, actually they are more ready for it to be Christmas vacation time. The end of the first semester comes with the Christmas break, and the stress of finals week came walking into the house Friday afternoon. Binky Sue has spent most of her weekend shut in her room working on several different projects that are due this week, and that is after spending most of last weekend shut in her room due to projects that were due this past week. Sweetpea is stressed because of all of the finals that she is going to have this week, and says she thinks she may be losing her mind because of it. Her words "So Mom when I'm crazy over Christmas break at least now you know why!" Oh joy for me getting to spend two weeks with the soon to be crazy 16 year old! Little Bug doesn't seem to be to affected by the whole end of the semester stuff though. I guess middle school is just taking it easier on her than the high school is for the big girls. This past week was Little Bug's Christmas choir concert, which both Army Guy and I had to miss. He missed it because of having to make a trip to Ft. Bliss, which was anything but blissful for him. I had to miss it because of having to spend the night running the children in all their different directions. Two hours in the Mom shuttle bus what a lucky day that was for me! Sweetpea did make it over to her baby sisters concert though which made Little Bug feel good. I got there in time to pick them both up and make the final transport of children back home.

Since all of the girls don't seem to have anything on the board other than studying this week, I'm hoping to finally have time to get out and try to finish the shopping. Although with the way things have gone for me in regards to this holiday, I'm not about to hold my breath for anything! (Once again I feel the need to point out that I may not be ready for this till February!) I'm going to try tomorrow night though and if I have to I will drag Army Guy out with me kicking and screaming the whole way!

I hope that everyone has had a good weekend, and that you are at least a little more prepared than I seem to be this year.

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