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Sibling Sunday...Three Days Till Christmas

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"The way you spend Christmas is far more important than how much"
-Henry David Thoreau

Every year I'm slow in finding my Christmas joy. I've known why for a good while and it has a lot to do with the race and the rush of other people during the holiday season. Being shoved around and out of the way for someone to get that gift that they just can not live without, even if they are going to end being back in the store the day after Christmas return it. Something happens for me every year though that helps kick in that excitement. My Sweetpea makes a trip out to a store with me, and I hear my thoughts come out of her mouth about it isn't about the gifts, it isn't about rushing and racing, it is about family, memories, and love. This usually happens a couple of weeks before the holiday so I tend to lose motivation but come baking time I remember and find myself having the same excitement as any of my girls. Years of memories of much smaller hands helping to make the Christmas Eve sugar cookie dough, thanks Grandma G for sharing that recipe in the family cookbook oh so many years ago. Trying to scrape dough off of busy moving fingers and almost needing 8 arms of my own to get it done, but calling in the backup of Daddy for a good strong arm for help. Flour flying everywhere and of course me wearing something black so it can stand out the most. As each of them have gotten older they play more of a role in getting the baking done. They help gather what is needed, measure, mix and repeat. They still talk me into doubling a batch of cookies even though just one would be more than enough. They still want those cookies to be giant sized so as to make the baking time a guessing game for me. They all still want to be able to claim the title of "I had the very first cookie!" and of course they want it when they still have to blow on them because they haven't had enough time to cool. They don't test just one for quality, they have to test many...and I'm always surprised when we manage to get the sugar dough in the fridge to wait for Christmas Eve. without huge chunks of it missing. The things that they remember from Christmas's past make me smile, and laugh. Seeing Christmas through their eyes, hearing their laughter, is where I find my joy.

For this Sibling Sunday before Christmas I asked each of the girls to write a list or a letter with Christmas wishes.

Little Bug's Letter

Dear Santa,

I would like to be able to write better. Also I would like to ask for a better year next year for my whole family. But mostly for better writing...yep better writing.

P.S. Did I mention better writing?

Binky Sue's Letter

Dear Mr. Claus,

I am writing to you to discuss what I wish for Christmas if I was good. I have 3 wishes to tell. One, I wish for good health. Two, I wish for an even better year. It's not like I didn't like this last year, just that things could always be better. Third, my BIGGEST wish, is for me to never ever, ever, EVER to grow up. I don't think it's big. There are lots of people who wish for peace of Earth. Look at it now, no sign of peace. So staying young like how you live forever, can't be that hard of a thing.

I will write to you again next year.


Binky Sue

Sweetpea's List

  • For great Christmas memories
  • To be happy with family
  • To have a good meal (not sure if this means that she has never had one)
  • For it to snow (Umm...not very likely)
  • For EVERYONE to have a GREAT holiday season
I agree with Sweetpea on the last one. I hope that everyone has a great holiday season filled with memories and happy family times.

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