Friday, March 6, 2009

Things that make you shake your head in wonder

I know a record three posts in one day, even better no picture with this one. Sometimes there is paper work that rolls through this house and across my desk that leave me shaking my head in wonder. Tonight there is just such a paper sitting on my desk in front of me. The paper work is basically simple enough, just a graduation behavioral contract for the seniors. However, as I read through the thing there are a couple of things that just catch the eye in it. Rule #3 about the dress code and seeing tennis shoes listed as proper formal dress attire? Also in rule #3 the decorating of the mortarboards is covered and several friends of mine heard about this one on the phone when the order was placed for the cap and gown. They are allowing the students to decorate their mortarboards, but in rule three they want them to keep all profanities, gang related writing/symbols or pornography off of them. Well, I guess that makes the decorating of the mortarboards okay then...NOT! They also have advice that if you have a questionable decoration idea that they should see an administrator prior to the graduation. Yep, I'm sure that will work out well. From there you move on to rule #4 which I'm just going to type out exactly as it appears on this contract sitting in front of me and see who is really reading and paying attention.

  • I will not bring and or use fireworks, alcohol, drugs, weapons, animals, water balloons, water guns, tortillas or any other food products to any senior week activity, including graduation.

Now let's play the game of can you catch the word that caught my attention the most in that sentance. Actualy there are two words that left me re-reading it over and over again, and giving Binky Sue a look of "What in the world?" I understand the fireworks. I understand the alcohol, drugs, weapons. I understand the water ballons, water guns. I understand the other food products. But animals, and tortillas are one's that I never would have expected to see listed. Since those two are listed my thoughts are that someone or several someone's have done something in the past graduations with those things. So now they feel the need to list them all out to make it very clear? But the bigger question in my head right now is who in the world arms themselves with tortilla's when going to their graduation ceramony? Even better question is WHY?

This is one of those things that is going to leave me shaking my head for probably the next couple of days, but the contract is signed now by both Binky Sue and myself and she will return it to the school come Monday so hopefully they will be happy that they have at least one that agrees to no involving animals or tortilla's at graduation. Anyone heading out this way come May should probably make sure that you have camera's handy because this sure sounds like it could be some kodak moments that you just might not want to miss. To bad they are going to have to come up with something that isn't on the specific list now.

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Gina M+B said...

I didn't see anything about beach balls! At my graduation they didn't allow us to throw our caps!!