Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back to the ghost town

Ghost town Gleeson, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I'm pretty sure that I mentioned in my first posting about the ghost town, that finding out what some of the remains of buildings may have been is difficult at best. So I'm going with what the majority of sites that I found said they possibly were. Which means going with that thought, this may have been the school building, or at least that is what everyone now thinks it was. When you look at what remains of the original structure it really looks like it could have been any number of things. Now it is just lost and collapsing like so many other things in the town. Looking for information and finding pictures that were taken maybe 20 years ago, there once was an arch over the columns. There were pictures that I could compare with my own and see just how much collapse has happened in the last 20 some years. Whole walls that stood in the pictures I found are now just piles on the ground in my own photo's. I've found it interesting to compare all of the pictures that I took to one's that I have found from several years ago. I'll say it again, this tiny town is fading back into the desert quickly.

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