Friday, March 20, 2009

Seventeen Today

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The last of the March birthday week for the house is here. My Sweetpea is seventeen today! Sometime today she will want me to measure her to see if this is the year that she finally hit the five foot tall mark. Don't let her small size fool you though she is the toughest little cookie I have in this house. She is my quietly watching and observing child, and through her eyes the world is filled with many flowing colors blending in just the most perfect ways. She is sweet and caring with a fine mix of back the heck off unless I tell you I want you near me. There is no limit for her imagination, and for her anything can be real if she wants it to be. Being the middle child she sometimes has to fight to make her voice heard, but most of the time she sits back and just waits for those private moments that she would rather have with Mom.
I know spending the day with her today and our art filled journey is going to be incredible. So Happy Birthday my Sweetpea!

There will be a post later in the day with more cake and a new picture of the birthday girl, heck I might even get my normal Friday Feline posting done. I hope that everyone has a great day.

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