Saturday, March 21, 2009

Once again who is bigger?

IMG_4354, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Going with another picture of Puff showing some lovebird attitude again for my Feline, Furball with Feather's Friday post.
Puff this past week wanted to make sure it was clear to Sweetpea just who the boss was. I think the tiny little lovebird did a very good job of just that. Puff loves her bath time and this week wanted her bath but seemed to want Sweetpea to dunk her head down into the water for Puff to take her bath. I guess Puff is just to good to be standing on the metal of the sink anymore. Puff kept moving and pulling on hair till Sweetpea had her head just right near the stream of water. The whole thing of course had everyone laughing, but the fact that Sweetpea who could have easily shooed Puff off of her head but didn't just showed how very spoiled these animals really are. I on the other hand made it very clear to Puff that I would not be doing the same thing for her next bath time. That is because I'm still far to busy endlessly filling the water and food dishes that she keeps dumping all over the cage.

It is time to head over to visit Steve and Pickle and see all of the animal friends that have gathered for their day.
Feline, Furball with Feathers Friday

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Suzanne R said...

That's very funny! Good shot of a spoiled little Puff on Sweetpea's head.