Friday, March 6, 2009

Feline, Furball & Feathers Friday

Well because I can not seem to pick just one picture for this, I'm going with a multiple picture post. Gypsy is getting one more update about how she is adjusting in her new home, and then next week I will be getting back to more of a rotation of the mini zoo.

Gypsy Rose is defiantly settling into her new loving environment. Within the walls of Binky Sue's room she is getting to the point of being able to be called an active normal kitty. She has discovered that toys are not something that she has to fear, and if she is just bossy enough with her girl, her girl will sit and play with her and the toys for hours on end. Her trips outside of the room to the rest of the house have been increasing in time amounts. We are now up to full hour at a shot two times a day. This may not seem like all that much, but for Gypsy it is a HUGE deal. She still has moments where you can see her poor little body trembling in such fear, but that is slowly passing with each new day and trips out to the rest of the house. This week she has learned that the Mommy of the house will protect her and keep her just as safe as her girl Binky Sue. She also learned that when the Mommy leaves the room, the Daddy of the house will keep her just as safe and does a great job of giving comforting touches. Every day we wonder just a little more about just how horribly this little girl was treated, but not for to long because we are determined to show her that there is lots of love in this world for her.

Among the toys in Binky Sue's room Gypsy has found a baby that seems to give her comfort, and with the way she carries it around and curls up with it maybe it gives her the thought that it will protect her. It is a little rottwiler stuffed puppy. I think to Gypsy it is the best protector, and friend. (Well after her girl Binky Sue)

Gypsy is very much in love with the daily brushings she gets and her fur is starting to take on that healthy sheen that any loved kitty should have, and is oh so very soft to the touch now. Her eyes get brighter with happines each day, and as I look at pictures that I have taken since she arrived here on the 17th of February, I'm seeing less and less fear and anger in those kitty eyes. Gypsy has started to actually walk standing full up this week, instead of her fearful low to the ground crawl that she was doing. Which gave all of us the ability to see that she has longer than one inch legs! We heard her very quietly meow for the first time this week, which has lead to a little concern in my own mind about the possiblity that someone may have caused some damage to her voice, but I'm taking a wait and see attitude right now because I really don't want to put more fear of being given up on in the cat. I'm also hoping that it just sounded strange for any other reason than yet more abuse this poor kitty suffered at the hands of someone cruel.

We all know that we have a very long road ahead of us with Miss Gypsy, and that a lot of things are just going to have to come in her own time. However, I think we have a great start going right now, and this little kitty seems to be starting to understand just how very much she is loved and that we are all willing to take as long as she needs and prove it every day, that she is home permantly and she will be safe always.

Alright, it is Friday and that means time to head over to visit Steve and Pickle and all of the great animals that share our lives with us. I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

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Suzanne R said...

What a sweet little kitty she sounds! I'm sure your love will be rewarded. I have found that to be true of my cats, although they weren't abused, just physically injured or abandoned.