Friday, March 13, 2009

Lovebird Attitude

Puff, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Yes I'm dropping the felines this week and going to the birds. Specifically a lovebird with attitude! Most of the time I think I need to have a camera doing video recording of her and her antics, but the last couple of weeks I have wanted more to pull my hair out than deal with her attitude. I fill the water dish, within minutes she dumps the water dish, then she screeches about it being empty. I fill the food dish, she tosses the food out of the dish, and then screams about not having her favorite seeds in the dish. I place perches neatly in cage, she in a fit knocks everything out of place and then screams about what a mess her cage is. The smallest animal in my house bosses me around more than the almost 70 pound coon hound dog! Her cozy and cage cover look more like they are a 100 years old vs the less than a year that they are, due to her tearing through them with that hooked bill of hers. I noticed yesterday that her perches are in need of being replaced due to being torn up. Nothing I do or say for her in last couple of weeks is right...hmm I wonder if she is in her teen years already? The last night she was out I was dive bombed at every turn which is really her way of letting me know that she isn't happy. Thing is I don't know what I did! Oh wait, it must have been to much time spent with another animal of the mini zoo. No, that can't be it because the other animals of the mini zoo would probably swear that I don't spend enough time with them either. I think I have it is because she is spoiled rotten! Yes, I'm willing to admit it. I am an animal spoiler. Doesn't matter to me, feline, furball, or feathers, I'm a spoiler. I've been one for years, even before we had animals in the house. All you have to do is take a look at any of the human animals of my house. I've heard that the first step is admitting that you have a problem, then you can begin to heal. Well, I'm an animal spoiler and I think my healing will involve being bossed around by if she is lucky a 6 ounce lovebird. Oh well, lucky for me she is cute and makes me laugh with her acrobatic antics, it makes the pain of being bossed around a little easier to take.

Since it is Friday it means that it is time for the felines, furballs, and feathers to get together over at Steve and Pickles and show off just how wonderful they are. I will try to remember to post the link over there later today or this weekend. If you want to play along all you have to do is post your own animal boss and leave a link in comments.
I hope that everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.


littlebug said...

so cute and mean i love it

TJ said...

I so love your love bird! I have great affinity for birds...if I could I would have such a beautiful baby. I had a parakeete for 13 years...he died on Thanksgiving Day.
Love em!
Beautiful capture the photo...