Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sibling Sunday Spring Break Ends

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Wow what a fast spring break this was. The siblings are not looking so forward to having to head back off to school again tomorrow. The final countdown to the end of the school year starts though. There are 9 weeks, or 60 days, or just a mere 42 school days left of this school year. Binky Sue has a little less than that because of being a senior this year and they will get out we think at the start of the last full week. This week there is a graduation meeting at the school that we will be attending to find out all the good details.

Even though this spring break has been wildly busy like the several past years of spring break in March with the birthdays, it has been yet another awesome break. Each of the girls got a chance to have a day with just either Mom or Dad. There may have been a lot of miles traveled but the time spent with each of my girls was wonderful. Lots of shopping of various kinds was done, and everyone has that very happy feeling. So girls you may have to head back to school tomorrow, but at least you didn't just spend your spring break sitting at home doing nothing. Mommy on the other hand is going to enjoy some of that wonderful quiet that my house can only achieve when it is a school day, and my car and I are going to try to be distant for a few more days.

I hope that everyone has had a beautiful weekend and that there is a great week just waiting to get started for all of us.

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