Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ghost Town Gleeson Arizona

Ghost Town Gleeson Arizona, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Moving on with the day trip last Saturday. If you want to see ghost towns I think Arizona is a great place to head to for them. In doing a search for information about Gleeson and the long abandoned buildings that I photographed, I hit site after site with just lots of ghost towns listed. The sad thing is that a lot of the history of what was there is just some what of a guess anymore. You can find the basic information about when and just why the town started, and the when and why of what lead to them moving into the ghost town category. But then you find a lot of back and forth guessing about just what certain building was. There are a lot of buildings in Gleeson the look like they have been bought up and someone is trying to recreate their original look and maybe give this old mining town a chance at living on in history. Even in their completely broken down state, the buildings in this town are still fascinating to me though. To walk through any area that goes back in history has always been interesting to me. I loved while we were in Augsberg Germany, walking on the old Roman wall, the church where Martin Luther nailed his notice, and the very first Luthran church that sits at the opposite end of the street from The Dom where he nailed it. We all walk where other have before us, and should take some time to learn about them and the places that they called home. Some just happen to be ghost towns now, and in time even that may not be there anymore.

Cool thing about saving the ghost town pictures till today means that this coming week I will be able to alternate between them and pictures of rodeo that we are going to today. Cowboys and ghost towns sounds like a good theme for this next week. I hope that everyone has a great weekend, and if you can get out and enjoy.

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