Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sibling Sunday

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I forgot to get Binky Sue to take a picture for the last week of the girls being in control of the camera, so a picture from the rodeo yesterday will have to do. We all have had a very enjoyable weekend here. The weather has been perfect basically, maybe a little to breezy yesterday for sitting out at the arena for the rodeo. But the temperature has been nothing short of just beautiful.

This past week was the reception for the art show and Sweetpea had only once piece selected for it. She knew that by the time she got home because she had the other piece that was considered but they ran out of room for. This week is finals time at the high school for Binky Sue and Sweetpea, and there has been the final push on projects that are due this week. Little Bug is going to have a busy week, there is the choir concert, the science fair, and wrap it up with a dance Friday evening. After they all get done with school Friday they are on spring break! By the time they head back to school there will be two months till last day of school and graduation. Wow! Talk about a school year that has flown by.

With the older girls birthdays falling as always during their spring break, I will be making trip to Tucson with Binky Sue for a day of shopping at the mall on the 16th, and a day of all things art down in Tubac with Sweetpea on the 20th.(Alright I'm totally exhausted now and that is without listing out the million other things that I still have to get done.)

I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable weekend. Hopefully weather has been nice enough to ever get out and soak up some sun. I also hope that even if the coming week is going to be busy, that it is a good one for all of us.

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