Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sibling Sunday...Sunsetting on the final March weekend

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Two more days left in this month of March and wow how fast it has flown by. This week the girls all headed back to school and got quickly into the routine for last quarter. Report cards came home from the high school and one kept her straight "A's" going and one had probably the very best I have seen of "A" "BBBB" oh yeah and a "D". But hey it had been a "F" was shouted out to me as I opened my mouth to talk, so yeah that is one grade better than it was. (Insert mother grumbling here)
One more report card to come home and that should happen sometime this week.
The only other interesting thing was the parents meeting for the senior class. Most of which I will not go into detail about because I just still am finding it difficult to believe that they really are the crazy! (Insert lots of other not nice words and yet more mother grumbling here)
There is some sibling strife going on because Binky Sue has been in super hyper mode since Friday and finding out that she will be making the senior trip to Disneyland a week after graduation. I'm pretty sure that if she doesn't get it under control here soon that both of her younger siblings will be more than willing to help her out. Half of her graduation money from her G-Ma & G-Pa K is currently making it's way here to pay for the trip. She has promised to take pictures of the major party at Disneyland till her little fingers are just about to fall off. That is if here sister's let her live till time for the trip.

I'm thinking about letting the siblings take this day back over again with camera and posting since I have been asked a couple of times about it. Besides it is kind of nice to let them do the rambling for a change.
I hope that everyone has enjoyed a great weekend, and that there is a calm good week just waiting to get started for all of us.

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