Monday, March 9, 2009

Fading back into the desert...Gleeson

Gleeson Saloon, originally uploaded by torri_g.

This picture overall is just a huge mistake on my part, but one that I love none the less. Shooting through the glass window trying to get a picture of the mural painted on the wall of the saloon, because the building doors are chained and locked up tight. First I had to fit the camera through the bars on the windows, which meant I had no way of being able to see just what I was going to be focusing on. There was very little in the way of light going into the building so setting the camera to use every drop of it was interesting and I didn't come as close to it as I would have liked to. Remembering the fact that I was shooting through a window and would risk getting pictures of reflection seems to have been forgotten. All that said though I like how the pictures turned out. Always kind of funny to me when I can look at a picture that is a series of mistakes and like it better. The reflection is of what was behind me while standing on the porch of the saloon, but how it blends with the mural on the wall is what I like the most about this picture. It is the fading back into the empty desert look that I like.

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