Friday, March 20, 2009

One more time

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Just one more time...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETPEA! One last cake picture to post and probably one of the biggest smiles on Sweetpea's face ever. Our trip to Tubac was absolutely perfect today. There are still a couple more streets worth of galleries that we have yet to make it into, but they are just going to have to wait for another trip down there.
Sweetpea picked out some great birthday gifts which could very well tonight be adding to the huge smile on her face. A calm relaxing drive out there and back, and her being able to have a conversation with her Mom. (To bad Mom can not have the ability to sit and type this in whole sentences vs. the couple of word at a time thing that is going on here.)
Sweetpea thinks that seventeen is going to be a great year, and if the whole year could be like today, then I'm sure it would be.

I hope that everyone had a good day and yet one more time Sweetpea, Happy Birthday Baby Girl!! I love you very much!

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