Thursday, March 5, 2009

Interrupting the normal

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I'm interrupting the normal picture blogging that I've been doing this week to share some news. Sweetpea was tickled to no end last week to receive an invitation to the Youth Art Month Show. Which means that she has either a piece or pieces of her work that are going to be included in this years show. (Excuse me for a minute as I do my happy Mommy dance!) Alright back to typing now. Sweetpea made it into the art show during her freshman year, which was a huge deal for her once she found out that no other freshman were invited. Last year though she didn't have any work submitted. So for her to hear that several pieces were submitted for this years, and to get the invitation which means at least one has been picked, she is thrilled.
The opening reception is tonight and my young artist can not wait to go and see just what made it into the show. Sweetpea is happy to able to share this with her visiting grandparents also. Army Guy wants to see if it is the piece that she did based off of a picture that I took of him. So between 4-6 this afternoon we will be off to the art show to search and find just what made it in this year. Of course I will have camera in hand to capture a picture of my little artist with her work. Also to capture a picture of Sweetpea with her art teacher of the last 3 years, who due to budget cuts in the school system is leaving at the end of the third quarter. Mr. S has played a very major role in Sweetpea's life these last three years, and has pushed her to move outside of her comfort zone as an artist. The news of his leaving has had Sweetpea very sad for several weeks now, but for next year she is moving way out of her comfort zone art wise. She is moving over into photography for her senior year.

Oh the picture is of one of her pieces brought home that she wants to keep. I'm not sure of what the title of this one is, but I know that it was kind of difficult to get a good clear picture of for some reason. I'm also not real sure why it has to stand in the living room in front of the stand that the television sits on.

I hope that everyone has a great Thursday!

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