Monday, June 30, 2008


Sunset, originally uploaded by torri_g.

All right so sunset was more than a couple of hours ago, but I'm just running that far behind today. My plan for today was a very simple one really, get up, dogs out, some quick cleaning jobs around the house, and then out with my camera for about an hour. Summer vacation with girls who have not been able to get out as much as they would like due to the weather started working on my nerves yesterday. Well imagine my surprise when I finally get around to heading out the door to find my drive way torn up yet again! Those sneaky construction people who have been hanging out around the house for the last two weeks, started week three here this morning, this time without any pounding on the door nonstop. I had three options and two would have involved great damage being done to the car, so staying home was the best option. Of course staying home when you have three girls and are starting to get on each others nerves tends to make the idea of wrecking a car to get out sound better and better. I tried to busy myself around here, but found my own irritation growing with the petty bickering all around me, so gave up and called a friend. Oh thank you friend for being there for me today! A good conversation about so much yet so little, and then I was ready to have a nice little chat about bickering with the girls. Amazing how quickly bickering will come to an end when there is a threat of yard clean up made. Things got even better when I realized that my drive way was done and all cones were cleared away. So quickly I made my way out to the car to make my grand escape and get rid of this feeling of cabin fever. Some music, enjoying the desert blooms that I was seeing while driving up to the look out area, and then it hit me...I left my freaking camera at the house! Oh well, I will just have to try another day for the photo's, today was a quick trip out and away to just sit in quiet. I miss quiet during the summer months.

Tonight the bickering seemed to stop and there was fun while making home made pizza for dinner. Maybe it didn't really stop, but after my stolen 25-30 minutes out of the house I didn't notice it as much.
Tomorrow is errand running and possibly some back to school clothes shopping for my Sweetpea. I'm thinking a girls lunch out is needed, and just hoping that all my girls can play nice.
I hope that everyone is having a great week so far, and don't forget to steal those couple of minutes for yourself every now and then.

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