Monday, June 16, 2008

Mad Monday

Scowling, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Because of a rude awakening this morning, love the sound of something big hitting the side of the house at 7:00 a.m. by the way, I'm wishing this man of mine had been home still this morning. I really could have used that scowl of his to deal with the morons running the equipment, who all looked at me like I was crazy for being upset about the fact that the hit the house. I know it isn't really my house since it belongs to the military, but it is the one that we live in right now, and I don't think that Sweetpea really wants someone to come crashing through a wall of her room!

My mini temper tantrum rant is over...for now anyway. After posting the picture of hubby dear yesterday, I realized that this man of mine just doesn't get featured enough on here. For anyone wondering why two of the three girls mentioned that Daddy scares their guy friends, this picture is a perfect example of why. Notice the scowl on his face, that is something that he is well known for wearing most of the time. It isn't actually a sign that he is mad or upset about something it is just a look that he has most of the time. If you talk to his Mom she would tell you that it seems to be a trait in the men for the G family. The girls think it is funny when they hear comments about how mean their Daddy looks. There has yet to be a boy that has met him and not commented on how much he scared them. (Not such a bad thing really.) The girls usually laugh at their friends and point out what a sweet heart their Daddy is, and that the scowl is his happy face. To which the question never fails to be asked "Then what does his mad face look like?" Followed with a real quick "Never mind, I don't want to know what the mad face looks like, the happy one is scary enough!" I can honestly say that after being married to him for 18 years that even I have days where I just can not tell.

To my hubby I promise no more picture of you on here this week, but man I really could have used that scowl of yours here this morning. To everyone else I hope that there was a quieter start to your Monday morning. Let's all try to have a good week.

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MomOf5Gents said...

You are right, that scowl is a family trait. I remember when my two oldest were toddlers and were scared of Grandpa because he looked mad all the time, thanks to that scowl. Grandma told him he needed to smile more.