Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Silly Girl

Losing it, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Well, we have portraits. According to Binky Sue and several of her friends, we have some really awesome portraits. I have them uploaded and numbered for friends and family to view and start working on picking which they may want but...I think there is something missing from them. We have fun, cute, flirting, serious but it just overall doesn't look complete to me. I think it is because of a traditional pose so one more try at getting it. We are not doing it this week though, Binky Sue has had more than enough of looking at pictures of herself, and last night said she is really starting to hate looking at her own face.

Anyway, when they are finally ready everyone will be getting an e-mail from me with info. I'm just really happy with myself here. I set dead line of by end of June or come July we would be looking for someone else, and here we are end of June and my Binky Sue loves what she has and doesn't want anyone else.

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