Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh Ditch Witch!!

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We have construction going on all around us right now. Behind us is the tearing down and now re leveling of the ground. On our street has been the upgrading of electrical lines, and the arrival of this ditch witch to our yard at 7 a.m. this morning is the sign of the holes yet to be dug. I knew it was coming, but good grief! I had to run to the hospital to pick up Little bugs medication and first I was told that I couldn't get out, which after a small fit being thrown that tune changed. Then when I was returning I was told that I couldn't get back up to my own place? I have great respect for anyone that works any kind of construction, and to do it during the summer heat in Arizona makes me respect them even more. However...even with all the work that they need to get done there are people living here that have stuff they need to be able to get out for also. I wasn't even going to post anything about them, but a little while ago I stepped out on my front porch to find 3 of the workers standing under my carport and one leaning on my car. I can understand having to tell the children of the neighborhood to stay out from under my carport, but these are all grown men and women. I would think that they would know better, oops there I go thinking, although with the noise level in this house I'm not real sure just how I'm able to hear any thoughts right now.

There I feel better getting this out of my system, now if I could just figure out a way to get them out of my yard!

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