Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sibling Sunday...Thoughts

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This past week just really flew by. There have been some upset girls in my house because of a friend that had to leave. To add to the already sad bunch of girls, we failed to find a home to take two dogs that were going to be left behind because of the move. Binky Sue and I burned up the phone lines trying to find someone willing to take the brother dogs, but best we ended up with was the shelter that we got Trinity from and where I took the rest of Mia's liter mates to. They are a no kill shelter and work with several rescue groups, so hopefully the brother dogs will soon find a new home and will truly be a forever home, and not just a "for while we are here" home.

Of course having yet another friend leave makes you think of all of the people that you have had to say good bye to, and just makes for a sad kind of feeling. The siblings here though dealt with it pretty good, but there have been some very sad looking faces wandering through this house this weekend. We do hope that the transition for the friend goes well and that new friends are quickly made. Safe travel, and smiles instead of tears is what we wish for you Ash.

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