Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sibling Sunday...watching summer fly by

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One month from today and back to school registration gets started. As of today the girls have been out on summer vacation for one month. It is amazing how quickly this summer is flying by. Binky Sue and Little bug spent a good amount of time over at the pool this week splashing several days away. Sweetpea skipped the pool this week to stay home and rework her closet, and no this wasn't a mandated by Mom thing either. Their plans for the week are much the same as last week. Some pool time, some chilling in the house, and not to much more than that.

This last week we did some test shots for Binky Sue. Just some practice with posing, backgrounds, lights and camera settings. We got some pretty good results, we learned somethings that we just should not do, but most of all we had fun. Binky Sue would like to go forward with shooting for a final time. I need a couple of background changes before we shoot for final so I need to get with my friend that has the colors that I need. If we do her final shot this week, then I'm pretty much going to be missing due to working on editing pictures. Fingers crossed for at least a couple more good days with the camera with this week.

I hope that everyone had a good week, and that the weekend has been a great one.

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