Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where is Angels Head?

I'm not one to walk away from a challenge here, so we have Angel yet again this week proving just how much she doesn't care for having her picture taken. I need to figure out a way to turn off my focus light the lights up every time I start to focus the camera. Angel sees it and knows what is coming so then moves to hide or whatever the game is for the day. For these pictures it was every time the light shown she would cover her face with one of her paws. But, I think I have an idea that might just help me get a good picture of her, so going to work on that this week and see what I can get.
It is time for Feline Friday over at Steve's Blog . So head on over there and check out all of this weeks wonderful felines, and if you want to play along just post an entry and leave a link in comments. I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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